After studying

Towards the end of your studies, a new phase of life begins for you: You should start to orient yourself on the job market. Many universities have set up career services. They inform you about the job market and offer various seminars. In this way, you can learn how to apply for a job properly. Often there is also training for job interviews. Whether you want to return to your home country or stay in Germany, you will find answers to your questions here.

Return to home country

You should plan your return to your home country in good time. Reverse culture shock can also occur.

Before you return to your home country, you should do the following:

The Bürgerämter of the city of Hannover are exclusively responsible for deregistering your residence.

You can find more information and the online appointment system of the Bürgeramter here

When moving abroad, you should also close your German bank account to avoid additional costs for account management and administration.

The best way to find out about this is to contact your bank branch and the person in charge directly.

Before you leave Germany you have to cancel your health insurance here in Germany yourself.

For many health insurance companies there are already sample cancellation letters. Look here

Exmatriculation after graduation is usually done on your own application, which you should submit yourself. This ensures that the certificate of exmatriculation to be issued and the certificate for pension insurance purposes include the completion of studies as the reason for exmatriculation.

You can find the application for exmatriculation and much more information about exmatriculation here

Attention: Your residence permit ends with your exmatriculation. Please inform yourself about this at the Foreigners' Registration Office.

Students from developing countries may be eligible for return assistance. These can be very different: There is help to start a business, transport subsidies, temporary financial support and similar.

Information on return and reintegration at WUS (World University Service)

Support measures for returning professionals



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