Your canteen, your choice! Try it vegan

New year, new resolutions? January is always a good month to try something new. That's why we're inviting you to try out our vegan menu from January 8 to January 26.

Eat one of our delicious plant-based dishes every day and help your canteen to win!

Our competition: Three weeks, ten canteens.

Our 10 canteens compete against each other. The canteen with the highest overall increase in vegan food during the campaign period (January 8 to January 26) wins. Take part! Every bite counts!

Vegan food is boring and doesn't taste good? It doesn't have to be! For three weeks, our canteen team will show you how varied and delicious vegan food can be. Dare to try it out!

You can follow the competition here on our website, via our news report or via our Instagram channel. During the competition period, we will publish the current quotas of your canteens on Mondays.

Your prize: Good feeling with a sweet topping

What do you get out of it? A good feeling and the knowledge that a lunch without animal products is possible and can be delicious.

In addition, the winning canteen will offer our favorite and tastiest vegan dessert for free with every lunch for a whole day on 8th of February.

Our motivation: Together for the future

We all know that our decisions influence the world around us. As Hannover Student Union, we actively take responsibility to help shape a sustainable future for everyone. That's why we have continuously expanded our vegan range in recent years, so that you have the choice every day - and can enjoy a delicious vegan diet if you want to. Our competition: "Your canteen, your choice! Try vegan" is an invitation to rethink and join in. Together for a tomorrow worth living!

For our competition, we were inspired by the Veganuary campaign. Veganuary is a non-profit organization and campaign that encourages people around the world to go vegan in January and beyond. More than 2.5 million people have officially signed up to Veganuary since 2014.

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