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Sometimes you have to fight for your rights even as a student. Trouble with your landlord or employer? Didn't pay attention for a moment and caused damage? There are various contact points in Hanover for students to get legal advice without becoming poor. And we especially support international students with legal advice on all questions concerning their foreigner status.

For people with a low income (and this includes many students) there is the possibility to take advantage of the legal advice assistance of the local court.

With legal aid, you can exercise your rights outside of court proceedings.

Legal aid is available for the following areas of law: Civil law, family law, labour law, social law, administrative law and tax law. In criminal cases, only oral advice is given.

As a person seeking advice, you will receive a so-called letter of entitlement from the local court, with which you can then go to a lawyer of your choice. There you only have to pay a fee of 15 Euros.

As only people with a low income receive legal aid, the local court will check your financial situation. You have to bring or submit proof of your income and assets, a current bank statement and proof of your expenses, for example your rental contract.

Applications for legal aid can be made in writing or in person. If you want to apply in person, you have to make an appointment in advance!

You can find the office hours and contact details of the legal application office directly on the homepage of the district court of Hanover.

You can also find more information and the form for the written application for legal aid on the page " Beratungshilfe" in the Lower Saxony State Justice Portal.

If you want to be represented in court proceedings and have a low income, you can apply for legal aid at the local court.

Legal advice assistance and legal aid can also be claimed by foreign students.

The Studentenwerk Hannover offers foreign students who are liable to pay fees at the Studentenwerk Hannover (1) free legal advice in connection with their foreigner status. This enables you to receive advice on matters relating to the law on foreigners and on questions concerning the special labour law regulations for foreign students.

The advice is only given by certain lawyers. The entitlement certificate issued by the Studentenwerk will indicate which lawyers these are. Consultation fees for other lawyers will not be paid!

  • The consultation only includes verbal information before it comes to a court case. Representation in court, the drafting of pleadings or the assumption of legal costs incurred will not take place.
  • Counseling in matters not related to alien status is not available.
  • Foreign students may receive one free legal consultation per semester in connection with their alien status.
  • The Studentenwerk will cover the costs of a consultation lasting a maximum of 60 minutes.

You can obtain the entitlement certificate from the Social Counselling Office of the Studentenwerk Hannover. You will need your valid student ID and your passport or residence permit.

(1) These are the students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, the University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover, the Hannover Medical School and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

The student Legal Clinic Team of the Faculty of Law offers free out-of-court legal advice under the guidance of an experienced lawyer for students of all faculties of LUH seeking advice.

There is no consultation in criminal law (including misdemeanours) and in family and inheritance law. The Legal Clinic also does not provide advice on BAföG, taxes and examination appeals.

The advice offered is exclusively for students' own matters. This means that you cannot seek advice for acquaintances or relatives.

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