Whistleblower system

Compliance with laws, rules and internal regulations is a top priority at Studentenwerk. Only if we act in accordance with the law and with integrity do we protect our company, our employees and our customers, as well as students and partners.

The whistleblower system

  • Receives concrete indications of possible misconduct by employees of the Studentenwerk Hannover.
  • takes information about such circumstances in connection with business operations that may lead to damage or other disadvantage for the Studentenwerk.

It requires the attention and willingness of all to point out violations of rules by employees of the Studentenwerk Hannover in case of concrete information. Through the whistleblower system, these can be reported confidentially - at any time. This includes, for example, violations of antitrust law, corruption, violation of human rights, theft, discrimination or mobbing.

In addition to employees, other third parties can also report specific information about violations of the rules.

Protection for all stakeholders

The whistleblower system guarantees the highest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected. An investigation is only initiated after careful examination of the information and if there are concrete indications of a violation of the rules. The information is processed in a fair and confidential process. Discrimination, intimidation, or hostility that occurs because of a report made to the Student Services Compliance Office will be investigated and prosecuted according to the same process.

Submitting clues - but how?

After receiving the information, the Compliance Office of the Student Union processes it confidentially. In order to process cases and, if necessary, initiate investigative measures, a dialog with the whistleblower is often necessary. Therefore, it is important that the information is formulated as concretely as possible. It is helpful if you consider the five W-questions when making a report:

  • Who is involved? Who is affected?
  • What? - What has happened? Description of the facts.
  • When? - When was the incident?
  • How? - How often did it happen?
  • Where? - Where did the incident take place?

Whistleblowers should make sure that the descriptions can also be understood by people outside their field.

Where can I submit clues?

Please contact the

Compliance Office of the Studentenwerk Hannover, Ms. Heike Seegers-Ammermann via one of the channels below:

Please note the following:

If your concern is a customer complaint, please contact the office listed below. These issues are not handled by the Student Union's Compliance Office:

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