Save money

The student budget is often tight. So it's all the better to have an overview of the many benefits available to students. We have compiled tips on how to save money on mobility, everyday life, leisure and culture.


There is a semester ticket for all students at Hanover's universities. With this ticket, you can use all routes within all tariff zones of the greater Hanover area (city trains, buses) and most trains of the local public transport in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

More information about the ticket can be found at and at the AStA of your university.

The ticket is valid during the whole semester, even during the lecture-free period, but only for the ticket holder. It is not possible to take other persons with you free of charge.

Students on leave of absence and severely disabled students are exempt from this obligation. Further information and application forms for exemption from the semester ticket are available from the respective AStA.

Students who do not have a semester ticket can benefit from fare reductions offered by the GVH (Großraum-Verkehr Hannover) and the Deutsche Bahn. It's best to find out when you buy your ticket. More information at and

With the bicycle bonus, which you automatically pay as part of your semester fee, the ASten promote the switch to the environmentally friendly bicycle: With this, students are allowed to use bicycle repair shops at a lower price or even for free.

Bicycle workshop Glocksee

(free of charge: LUH; 2 € user fee for all other universities)

  • "Self-help workshop" - you repair things yourself
  • Tools are provided free of charge
  • An expert person can be asked for advice
  • No repair orders!


Pro Beruf GmbH - The bicycle workshop

(free of charge: LUH, MHH, TiHo, HMTMH, HsH)

  • Free bicycle repair
  • Spare parts have to be paid
  • No charge for working hours
  • Rental bicycles for the duration of the repair at half the rental price

Due to the pandemic there may be changes in the bicycle acceptance. Please check the homepage for the current situation.

Arbeits- und Sozialberatungsgesellschaft Ahlem (ASG) e. V.

(free of charge: LUH)

  • free bike repair
  • spare parts must be paid
  • no charge for working hours
  • rental bikes for the duration of the repair at half price

You don't have to own your own car. Car sharing is a good alternative for environmentally conscious car users. In Hannover, there is stadtmobil, which students can use at a particularly favorable rate with the Hausmarke advantage card.

Everyday life

The Telekom social rate is available to Telekom customers with a fixed-network line who are

  • are fully or partially exempt from the broadcasting fee, or
  • receive BAföG, or
  • are blind, deaf or speech-impaired with a GdB of at least 90.

The social rate does not mean exemption from the basic rate. Only the cost of a call (from Telekom to Telekom) is cheaper.

For more information and to apply, contact Deutsche Telekom directly.

Questions? Our social counseling service can help!

Many providers have special rates for students. Here, it is often worth comparing and taking a close look at the terms and conditions of the contract. For some, prepaid rates can be more favorable than a contract with a longer-term commitment, which is always associated with fixed costs (see also debt traps).

A flat monthly broadcasting fee must be paid for the media of the public broadcaster for each home.

The following can be exempted:

  • BAföG recipients who no longer live with their parents,
  • Recipients of unemployment benefit II or social benefits,
  • Recipients of social welfare or basic security benefits,
  • recipients of assistance for the blind according to § 72 SGB XII.

People with disabilities with the mark "RF" in their severely disabled ID pay one third of the contribution. Deaf-blind people are completely exempt.

Further information and the application for exemption can be obtained directly from the contribution service at

If you have any further questions about the exemption from contributions, you can also contact our social counseling service - we are here for you and will be happy to help!


Many banks also have special conditions for students and waive the account management fee, for example. It is definitely worth researching different offers!

Leisure and culture

Go to the theater or the opera for free? That's possible with the Staatstheater Hannover's theater flat rate. How? A cultural contribution for the theater flat rate has already been paid via the semester contribution. Students of Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover Medical School and Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media can take advantage of the offer. All info at

With a valid student ID, many things are cheaper. Whether museums, concerts, theaters, swimming pools, or even fitness studios: In many areas there are reduced (admission) tickets or conditions. If you ask, you save!

By the way: Before you sign a contract with a fitness studio, you should probably first check out the Hochschulsport Hannover. It's open to all students and employees of Hannover's universities and offers a wide range of activities to try out and participate in:

"I have little money and can't afford culture" - that doesn't have to be the case. The Volunteer Center Hannover has a great project that enables people with little money to take part in many cultural events. This is done by using unsold tickets from classical concerts, readings, dance, ballet, exhibitions, variety shows, comedy, cabaret and much more, which are passed on free of charge among the registered participants of the project. Students have good chances to be able to participate in the project, applies nevertheless for a single household that not more than 1,000 euro net in the month may be earned. All information and registration at:

With the "Hausmarke" students in Hannover can really save money: Over 100 stores, service providers, pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos, museums, theaters, swimming pools, fitness centers offer discounts or percentages, a discount at the box office or free admission. More information directly at

With the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) you can take advantage of the student discounts that apply abroad, for example in the areas of travel and transportation, accommodation, gastronomy, culture, entertainment ... The card is recognized by UNESCO and is accepted in over 130 countries as proof that you are a student.

You can buy your ISIC card before or after lunch in the foyer of the main cafeteria at the travel agency STA Travel. You should bring your identity card or passport, your student ID, a color passport photo and money.

More info:


Want to subscribe to your favorite newspaper or magazine? Ask for a cheap subscription for students! Many publishers offer favorable conditions for students - also in digital format.

Tip: Budget book

You need an overview of your finances? The good old budget book can help! Whether digitally via app or with pad and pencil. Give it a try!

You still have questions? We are happy to help!

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