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The Studentenwerk Hannover supplies and organises economic, social, cultural and health support for students at Hanover's universities and colleges.

... so that studying in Hanover becomes a success!

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to the Studentenwerk Hannover (Student Services Organisation Hanover)!

In Germany, the universities and colleges do not administer social services for students themselves—this is taken over by separate public law institutions. They are arranged by metropolitan area or region and are called "Studentenwerk".

It is our job to tend to students needs outside the university. To meet these needs we provide food in cafeterias and student cafés and assist students in finding accommodation in student houses (dormitories) or on the private market. We support students with children, help you find financial aid, offer legal and social advice and promote cultural activities of students as well.

We are dedicated to making your student life easier!

Section "International Students"

On our website, we provide a special section "International Students" with in-depth information of particular interest to international students and everyone from abroad interested in studying here. In this section you will get information on what you need to prepare your studies in Hanover and what you must attend to directly after your arrival. Furthermore, there is useful information for your stay in Hanover (i.e. advice centres, financing, language, food, shopping, public transport, medical care, culture & recreation) as well as for the postgraduate period.
International Students



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