Attention students: Lunch for 2.50 euros a day. The »Niedersachsen-Menu« makes it possible. Why? - We'll explain on this page.

Inflation, rising food and energy prices - everything is getting more expensive. And that presents students in particular with major challenges. After all, students sometimes manage on very tight budgets.

Emergency aid from the state of Lower Saxony

That's why we lobbied politicians last year to relieve the burden on you and to provide you with financial assistance in view of the current crises. And we were successful: The state of Lower Saxony has provided emergency aid for the student unions. 5.3 million of this will go to Hanover for 2022 and 2023. (To the news)

Stable prices in »Niedersachsen-Menu«

We are using part of the money to keep our prices in the dining halls stable for you. At the same time, we will introduce the »Niedersachsen-Menu« from 01.01.2023. This means that you will be able to buy a full lunch consisting of one main component including two side dishes for just 2.50 euros every day.

The »Niedersachsen-Menu« will alternate between a dish from the »Veggie & Vegan« and »Meat & Sea« menu lines.

It is important to us that everyone benefits from the reductions. That is why we have opted for this variant. In order to balance the change with five days a week, we will generally serve one week's supply for one menu line on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other menu line on Tuesday and Thursday. For the following week, the menu lines are then swapped in each case.

Always favorable is our menu line »Pasta & Friends«. This is our social component on the menu and allows you to have a hot lunch for 1.60 euros in our dining halls.

Please note that the »Niedersachsen-Menu« must be paid for with Mensa/or university card. We have to prove how we use the funds from the emergency aid and this is only possible in this way.

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