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Our Accommodation Offers: Student Houses

Wohnhaus Callinstraße 25 | Dimitrij Tiessen
Wohnhaus Callinstraße 18 | Dimitrij Tiessen

The Studentenwerk Hannover (student services organisation) has 16 student houses (dormitories/residences) with approximately 2.400 places at low prices. Students in their first course of study at a university in Hanover are eligible without restrictions to live there.

Our offers range from single-room apartments, single rooms in floor groups and shared apartments to larger apartments. All rooms are completely furnished (with the exception of the student house Emdenstraße). In addition to that, there are common rooms in all student houses. The student houses are of course equipped with washing machines/driers as well as telephone/TV access. Nearly all rooms have a cheap internet access independent from the telephone network. In most of our student houses, the internet flatrate is included in the rent.

Note: Linen can be rented or bought cheap.

Student accommodation places are exclusively allocated upon a Application for Admission. If you would like to apply for a place in student accommodation, please contact our department's Accommodation Administration (Jägerstraße 5), not the local student house management!

There are 48 barrier-free places and 4 places suitable for wheelchairs for students with disabilities.

Our Student Accommodation Offers

Nahe bei 
Near to 
Miete, NK
Studentenwohnhaus Klaus BahlsenLUH12810–27 m²267–370 €
Jägerstraße LUH 110 9–31 m²179–389 €
Am GeorgengartenLUH13412–33 m²265–395 €
EmdenstraßeLUH3213–34 m²192–327 €
Dorotheenstraße LUH 490 10–97 m²208–827 €
Hufelandstraße LUH 167 16–78 m²289–749 €
Schneiderberg LUH 4011–44 m²199–442 €
Callinstraße 25 LUH 144 12–18 m²234–282 €
Callinstraße 18 LUH 26 24–42 m²271–490 €
Am Papehof HsH 20615–83 m²214–637 €
Ritter-Brüning-Straße HsH 68 10–17 m²219–252 €
Heidjerhof MHH, HsH Fak. V 142 11–89 m²203–821 €
Nobelring MHH, HsH Fak. V 123 12–80 m²218–622 €
Karl-Wiechert-Allee MHH, HsH Fak. V 28314–65 m²196–583 €
Menschingstraße TiHo, FHDW 7610–56 m²217–535 €
Bischofsholer Damm TiHo, FHDW 235 11–95 m²215–709 €

* We offer more than 2400 places in rooms and (shared) apartments. The accommodation offers differ in the individual student houses. Please refer to the individual page (see menu).

LUH = Leibniz Universität Hannover
HsH = Hochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover)
MHH = Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Medical School Hanover)
TiHo = Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover)
FHDW = Fachhochschule für die Wirtschaft Hannover (Business University of Applied Sciences)



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