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About us

The Studentenwerk Hannover—the Student Services Organisation Hanover—is designed to help students cope with the non-academic part of student life. In Germany, student social services are not taken care of by the universities and colleges themselves, but by separate public law institutions—the "Studentenwerke". They provide food in cafeterias and student cafés, assist students in finding accommodation in student houses or on the private market, support students with children, provide financial aid and offer legal and social advice and counselling. They also promote cultural acitvities of students.

Residential address:
Studentenwerk Hannover
Jägerstraße 5
30167 Hannover

Postal address:
Studentenwerk Hannover
Postfach 58 20
30058 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 76-88 022
Fax: +49 511 76-88 949
E-mail: info@studentenwerk-hannover.de

Relevant phone numbers:
Head Office: +49 511 76-88 022
Student Accommodation: +49 511 76-88 048
University Dining Services: +49 511 76-88 034
Social & International Affairs: +49 511 76-88 930
BAföG Loans & Grants: +49 511 76-88 126


The Studentenwerk Hannover (Student Services Organisation) supplies and organises economic, social, cultural and health support for students at Hanover's universities and colleges.

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