Corona FAQ

Dear students, the Corona pandemic presents us all with extraordinary challenges and also has far-reaching effects on the services of the Studentenwerk Hannover. We would like to inform you about this in detail on this page and have summarized the most important questions and answers.

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Stay healthy and take care of each other!


You still have the possibility to clarify your concerns by phone or e-mail in the administration of the halls of residence, the halls of residence, the BAföG department and the social counselling. However, personal office hours are currently suspended in all areas during the lockdown.

This is how you can reach the different departments:

Housing Administration

The colleagues of the housing administration are still available Monday to Friday for your questions, appointments and other matters.

You can call us

  • call us: Tel. (05 11) 76-88 048 | Tel. (05 11) 76-88 029 | Tel. (05 11) 76-88 972 | Tel. (05 11) 76-88 069
  • write an e-mail: wohnen(at)

BAföG Department

You can reach our colleagues in the BAföG department as usual from Monday to Friday by e-mail or telephone.

Here you will find

Please note that the office hours in the ServiceCenter of the Leibniz University are still cancelled.

Social counselling

The colleagues of the Social Counseling Service are still available for consultations.

You can

  • call us: Tel. (05 11) 76-88 919 | Tel. (05 11) 76-88 922 | Tel. (05 11) 76-88 935
  • leave a message on the answering machine: We will call you back.
  • write an e-mail: soziales(at)

Please note that the external office hours at the HsH, MHH and TiHo will continue to be cancelled.

BAföG | Finances during studies

Basically, the start of lectures has been postponed, not the start of the semester. Those who apply in April will also receive money for the whole of April - if funding is granted.

BAföG recipients will receive their payment even if universities are closed. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has now issued a decree to the Länder, which enforce the law. Even first-year students whose semester start is delayed due to the pandemic will receive their BAföG as if the face-to-face lectures had started at the originally scheduled time.

As soon as online courses are available at educational institutions in order to maintain teaching activities, participation in these online courses is obligatory for the purposes of the funding requirements.

More information on this topic is available on the BMBF homepage.

Yes, students who have already received a notification will automatically receive the amount of funding shown in it transferred to their account in time at the end of the month for the next month.

Attention. This only applies until the end of the grant period. The follow-up application must be submitted in good time beforehand.

Please note the information about the personal office hours (see above). You can easily submit your documents online. You can find all the information on our page: BAföG. Alternatively, you can also send missing documents as a PDF directly to your case worker. You can find the contact details here. Or you can drop your application in the mailbox of the Department of Educational Support at Callinstraße 30 A.

I do not get a date for my final examination (for example for the defence of my Bachelor thesis) and therefore cannot complete my studies in this semester.

We recommend that you submit a new application in any case and explain the reasons in writing. If you have any questions, please contact our BAföG department.

Phone: (0511) 76-88 126 E-mail:

The reasons must be presented and Form 5 with the signature of the authorised signatory of the higher education institution or an ECTS points printout must be submitted if a determination by the higher education institution is available to the Office. In most cases, further funding can then be granted. If you have any questions, please contact our BAföG department.

Tel.: (0511) 76-88 126 E-mail:

Funding according to the BAföG can be checked. An application is necessary for this. Here you can find all information about the online application.

If you don't get BAföG, you can apply for a temporary interest-free KfW student loan from 8 May 2020! Until 31 December 2021, the federal government will pay the interest to provide students with a bridging loan.

Due to the high demand as a result of the coronavirus crisis, the large German supermarket chains are urgently looking for new employees, including temporary student workers. Maybe this is an alternative for one or the other. Check with the supermarket near you. Delivery services are also looking for staff at the moment. Helpers are also needed for the harvest season. Maybe this would also be an opportunity for you.

Students who are in acute financial distress due to the Corona crisis can contact the Social Counselling Centre.

If your parents now earn less, for example due to short-time work, your chances of receiving BAföG funding or a higher BAföG funding are greater.

Case constellation 1: If you have not received BAföG so far due to your parents' income, but your parents now earn less, you can submit a new BAföG application at any time and have the current parents' income taken as a basis with an update.

Case constellation 2: If you already receive BAföG, but your parents' income is currently lower (for example, due to short-time work), you can submit a BAföG update application and we will check the amount of your current BAföG entitlement.

For the application for updating you need form 7, which you can fill out online (simply go to and select "Form 7 (Application for updating of spouse/parent income according to § 24 Abs.3 BAföG)").

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our BAföG department.

Yes, as long as your parents are still financially capable; otherwise you may be entitled to BAföG.

Self-study (reading specialist literature, researching and writing assignments, etc.) or online study also count as study activities, especially in the current situation.

Your parents also have to accept delays and interruptions of your studies and the associated extension of the maintenance payments. In the case of delays and interruptions in education, the individual case must be considered, in particular whether there are special reasons for delay that are worthy of recognition.

In the present situation, which is completely unforeseeable for everyone, a delay in education, if it is based on official measures, is completely without fault. However, you should use the extended lecture-free time as time for your self-study.

Prospective students who would like to apply for the semester contribution scholarship for first-year students should send the application (with the required documents) by e-mail to

Here you can find all information about the semester contribution scholarship.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the social advisors by phone or e-mail. Here you can find the contact details.

Attention: For semesters on leave - which are a break from your studies - there is no BAföG entitlement, because you are not studying! Please inform yourself BEFORE you take a semester off, what consequences this would have for your study financing. You can contact our social counselling service to find out about the requirements for receiving benefits according to the German Social Security Code II (Grundsicherung, "Hartz IV") during a semester of leave.

But it is important to note: A semester on leave is not a study programme; you are not allowed to do any academic work during the semester on leave.

Not automatically. Anyone who currently has no income due to job loss or due to missing wage payments is not automatically entitled to apply for housing benefit. The basic requirement of a BAföG rejection "on the merits" and the examination of the coverage of monthly living costs remains. In short, the eligibility criteria for housing benefit remain the same.

You can find more information on our page "Other sources of money".

There are certain requirements for terminations under employment law: In any case, the notice of termination must be in writing; e-mail or verbal is not sufficient. And a period of notice must be observed. It depends on the length of employment and the (collective bargaining) agreement: usually at least four weeks, but often only two weeks during the probationary period.

If you have been employed for more than six months in a company with more than 10 full-time jobs, you do have protection against dismissal under the law. Under certain conditions, however, dismissal for operational reasons is possible. Fixed-term employment contracts can only be terminated if this is stipulated in the employment contract. The works council must also be consulted on any dismissal, if the company has one. This all applies regardless of whether you are employed in a mini-job or a "normal" employment relationship. In case of doubt, you should therefore seek legal advice in order to be able to exercise your employee rights.

No. Jobbing students are exempt from health, long-term care and unemployment insurance. It follows from this: If you do not pay into the unemployment insurance, you cannot get short-time allowance.

Actively contact your health insurance company, your apartment rental company, your mobile phone contract company, the broadcasting fee, etc. if you are currently unable to make payments. Ask for a deferral of your contributions and, if necessary, for a dunning block. If it is possible for you, you could ask whether a reduced amount can be paid.

No, you are not currently entitled to ALG-II benefits. As a rule, full-time students are excluded from benefits according to the Social Code Book II.

Exceptions exist in only a few cases, for example

  • in a semester of leave due to pregnancy | child rearing or in the case of leave of absence due to own illness | impairment. It is important that no study activities are carried out during the leave of absence due to the reasons mentioned, as otherwise the ALG-II benefits are at risk and can be reclaimed. In addition, other prerequisites must be fulfilled. You can discuss whether you are entitled to ALG II with our social counselling service.
  • Part-time studies due to pregnancy or child rearing and leave of absence due to illness or impairment. Here, too, there are a number of things to consider, and further requirements must be fulfilled. Get advice from the social counselling service .
  • in cases of hardship. For example, in the case of a loss of financing through no fault of one's own and if one's studies are far advanced, benefits as a loan according to § 27 Abs. 3 SGB II can be examined by the Jobcenter.
  • Claims for additional needs for certain persons entitled to benefits according to § 21 SGB II; this applies, for example, to students with children or students with disabilities.

You can find more information on how to contact the Jobcenter and on the extension of notices on the Jobcenter website.

You have further questions about jobbing, dismissal, ...? Then take a look at the website of the DGB Youth.


Since all personal contact is to be avoided as much as possible at this time, a cash deposit of your rent | security deposit is not possible.

You have the following options:

  1. You ask someone with a German bank account to make a bank transfer for you. Please make sure to write the following in the reason for transfer: Rent "Month", "Tenant Number", "Name Tenant", "Room Number", "Residence" Please send proof of the transfer to
  2. Put the money safely aside and pay the complete rent when the cash deposit is possible again. Write an email to that you will pay the rent in cash later.

Please note that the rent payments have to be made in any case!

We are aware that we are in an exceptional situation. Due to the renovations in the residential buildings and our large new student building projects, we also have payment obligations to companies and other business partners. We have to meet these obligations. In order to meet these payment obligations, we are dependent on rental income. Unfortunately, we cannot grant your request for a rent waiver, but we do have some tips and suggestions for you:

  • In cases of social hardship, we offer accommodating installment payments or deferments. To do so, please contact our rental accounting department. However, you have to prove that your financial situation has changed due to the COVID-19 developments and that you cannot pay the rent as a result. Therefore, we ask you to send us proof in the form of a certificate | notice of termination from your employer due to COVID-19, an affidavit or other proof of income or loss of earnings by e-mail.
  • In case of an acute financial emergency due to the Corona crisis, our colleagues from the social counselling will be happy to help you.

No. Students who live with us have a valid lease, which we continue to honor. We have closed the common rooms as a precaution. It is now important to reduce social contacts to a minimum and, especially in shared housing, to observe the rules for protection against infection at all costs:

  • Keep your distance from each other.
  • Stay as little as possible in the communal kitchens.
  • Please avoid unnecessary hand contact, wash your hands often and thoroughly.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.
  • If possible, air your living quarters four times a day for 10 minutes.

Especially in such a tense situation as this, it is very important to treat each other with respect. Be considerate of your fellow students and look out for each other.

A proper quarantine will be issued by the health department if it becomes necessary. If you have been in one of the crisis areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute in the past few days, it is extremely important that you go into self-isolation and inform both the housing administration and the health department. Under the following link you will find all important contact details for Lower Saxony.

We will transfer your deposit after we have checked the condition of the room. Please be patient if this takes a little longer due to the situation. Please send your bank details to:

Please clarify the handover of the room keys directly with the house management. You can do this by e-mail or by phone. You can find the contact details of your residence hall management on the page of your residence hall.

No. If you have a room in a shared flat with us, generally not, because every flatmate in a shared flat has their own tenancy agreement with us.

It can look different if you live in a shared flat with a private landlord or landlady. Here you often have to consider who is the main tenant and who is the subtenant. If you are the main tenant and you give notice to leave the flat, all flatmates who are subtenants will automatically lose their rooms as of the date on which the notice to leave was effective. If, on the other hand, you are only a subtenant in this flat-share, you can cancel your room according to the contractual notice periods without your flatmates also losing their room.

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