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Transition from Study to Job

These days, the job market is becoming more and more differentiated, which complicates the transition from studying to job. That is why we compiled some information on this topic.

A lot of questions on social topics come up at the end of your studies, e.g., about health and social insurance, financial coverage etc. Naturally, the Studentenwerk does not only offer you advice on social topics during your studies, but also when your are a graduate.
Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk Hannover

The Hochschulinformationsbüro (HIB = university information office) of the trade unions offers advice on aspects of "student employments" (in German).

The demands of the job market diversify from day to day and new sought-after qualifications keep coming up. It is necessary to deal with possible vocational fields and additional skills early on to achieve the required expertise for a job. You can find support at the following websites:



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