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Telephone Charges

Customers of the Telekom (German telco company) with a landline may receive the Telekom social tariff if they meet one of the following conditions (this also includes all family members living in the same household):

  • They are exempted from the broadcasting contribution fees or liable for reduced fees by the public broadcasting "Beitragsservice von ARD, ZDF und Deutschlandradio".
  • They receive BAföG.
  • They are blind or deaf, or persons with a language disability of at least level 90.

It is sufficient to present the current BAföG letter of approval (BAföG-Bescheid), the written broadcasting contribution fees exemption, or a copy of the Severe Disability Pass when applying.

This social tariff does not enable you to save the monthly telephone connection fee. Instead part of the call charges are waived, up to a maximum of € 6.94 per month, or of € 8.72 for persons with a disability of 90 degrees. If you make phone calls for less than € 6.94 (or € 8.72, resp.) per month or use another supplier, the credit is forfeited. It is not possible to transfer an unused credit to the next month.

You can apply for the social tariff at the next Telekom office ("T-Punkt") or in written form directly to the Telekom head office. You will find more information at hilfe.telekom.de (German). 

For further information please contact the Social Advice Centre at the Studentenwerk.



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