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All students of Hanover’s universities automatically receive the "SemesterCard" for public transport. The "Semester-Ticket Niedersachsen/Bremen" of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) has already been included in it since 2004. With your SemesterCard you can use all lines (trams, buses) within all fare zones of the "Großraum-Verkehr Hannover" (GVH = Greater Hanover Transport Association) and the local traffic trains of the DB in all of Lower Saxony and Bremen. Besides the trains of the Deutsche Bahn you may also use several competitor's lines, depending on your university and your local student union's/council's contracts with these competitors—please consult the network information or map on the website of your student union/council AStA.

The SemesterCard is valid during the whole semester including the semester break. It applies only to the owner; it is not possible to take someone with you for free.

Please note! The SemesterCard (which is identical with the student identity card you have received from your university) is only valid in combination with your identity card (with photo) or passport. If you cannot show your passport or identity card during a checking, you will be treated like a fare dodger!

Never laminate your SemesterCard! Laminated SemesterCards always become invalid!

The charge for the SemesterCard (see page Tuition and Semester Fees for current charge) has to be paid by all students when they register or re-register. 

Students of a continued education program of study receive a stripped-down version of the SemesterCard. With this Card, they can use all trams, buses, and suburban trains within the GVH area (GVH=Greater Hanover Transport Association). This includes all four Card zones "Hannover 1," "Hannover 2," "Umland," and "Region." Please refer to the GVH map. Please note: You have to buy regular tickets for any traffic routes and destinations that go beyond these zones!

Students on leave and students with severe disabilities are exempted from compulsory acquisition. Students with severe disabilities pay the Card price when they register or re-register at university. They get reimbursed in two steps: The train companies' share is reimbursed by your local AStA (student council/union); the GVH share is reimbursed by the GVH. You can use the same application form for both refunds. You need the following documents: your current student ID card, the Severe Disability Pass, a notice of the "Landesversorgungsamt Hannover" with a valid stamp proving your entitlement to free fare as well as a current identity card (with photo) or passport. This procedure is carried out in written form, you do not have to appear in person at the GVH. The AStA can also help you with the GVH application.

Application forms for the exemption from purchasing the SemesterCard are available at your local AStA (student council/union).



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