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International Student Identity Card

ISIC card | www.isic.de

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) enables students on a visit to foreign countries to get all the reductions for students that can be obtained in that specific country (travel and transportation, accommodation, food, culture, entertainment and more). The ISIC card is the only internationally recognised student ID. It is recognised by UNESCO and accepted in 120 countries worldwide. It is also of good use in Germany, as your picture on the ISIC proves that you are the rightful owner. Otherwise you often must show a document with photograph alongside the valid student ID card.

You can buy your ISIC easily during a visit to the main cafeteria (Hauptmensa):

STA Travel
Hauptmensa, Callinstraße 23
Phone +49 511 131 85 31
Office hours: Mon–Fri 9:00–18:00 h

You have to bring along:
• a photograph,
• a valid student ID card or university registration certificate,
• passport or identity card and
• € 15.

The International Student Identity Card is valid for 12 months.

For further information see www.isic.org. You can apply there as well online for the ISIC. An upload of the passport or identity card is not allowed. Alternatively, you may use e.g. driving licence, customer card for public transport, health insurance card, blood donor card or the like as proof of identity.



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