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On presentation of a valid student ID card, students can get reductions for many venues and events (e.g. public pools, museums, cinemas, theatres). Before buying any tickets, you should always ask whether there are reductions for students!

For students of up to 30 years, the "Niedersächsische Staatstheater" (Lower Saxony's State Theatres) offer great reductions. You can buy reduced tickets for the theatre or the opera for only € 8,00 (for Sunday to Thursday performances) or € 9,50 (for Friday/Saturday). Student tickets for opening nights — if available — cost € 11,50 (place category C at the theatre, D at the opera). For regular visits to the opera, it is worthwhile to purchase a season ticket, which grants access to all performances of the Staatstheater for one year. For 99,00 euros, every student up to 30 years of age may use it. Guest performances and special events are generally excluded. At the opera, they can only be bought at the box office. 

In addition, the theatre offers the "StuThe-Ticket"; with this special student ticket, the price is reduced depending on how often you come. It starts at €8,00, from your fourth visit it costs € 6,70, and from your seventh only € 5,70. And every tenth theatre visit is free!

For more information, visit www.staatstheater-hannover.de or call (0511) 99 99 11 11 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 h, Sat 10:00-14:00 h). 

Students of the universities in Hanover can benefit from many discounts, reductions and benefits with the free  "Hausmarke" benefit card.



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