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Car Sharing

stadtmobil and HANNOVERmobil

About 5,000 people sharing more than 250 cars — that is the principle of car sharing as offered by Stadtmobil Hannover GmbH since 1992. Stadtmobil provides cars that can be used when you need them, and they only cost something when you are actually driving; there is just a marginal charge for fixed costs.  The offer ranges from subcompacts to mid-size cars like estate cars/station wagons up to large vans and transporters. They are located all over the city of Hanover, and 50 of these, so-called "stadt­flitzer", can be used flexibly even for one-way trips within the city limits. In addition, when closing a contract, Stadtmobil users receive a chip card. With this, they can access more than 4 000 cars in 180 German cities. 

With the "Hausmarke" benefit card, students receive a driving voucher worth € 20 when closing a contract with a regular admission fee (€ 29). Students with a SemesterCard have the option to close a "HANNOVERmobil" contract with the GVH (= Greater Hannover Transport Association) that costs € 9.95 per month. This contract includes a voucher for the BahnCard 25, the cashless use of "Hallo Taxi 3811" with a discount of 20 percent, and the access to the use of Stadtmobil on a basic rate. With this, all other fees are dispensed with, and you just have to pay the regular time and kilometre costs when using a car. Hannovermobil is an annual contract which can only be made online.

If you would like to become a Stadtmobil or "HANNOVERmobil" user, you have to pocket your identity card or passport including registration card, driving licence, and SemesterCard or "Hausmarke" benefit card, and then go to the "üstra Kundenzentrum" (üstra Customer Centre, Karmarschstraße 30–32) and close a contract there. The contract will become valid the next working day and can be terminated with a notice of six weeks prior to the end of the month.

For more information, go to hannover.stadtmobil.de or visit the Hannover Stadtmobil Office at the üstra Customer Centre.
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