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Personal liability insurance

Your forgotten pot on the stove causes a fire in the dormitory. On the way to the university by bike, you cause an accident in which two cars are damaged. Because you’re looking on your Smartphone, you step carelessly into the street, a car has to dodge you, and this leads to another pedestrian’s grave injuries.

These are just three examples of situations that can happen to anyone and for which one is liable to pay for the consequences. In particular, severe property damage and personal injury may lead to your financial ruin or to you having to pay for damages for your entire life.

Therefore, students should be covered by a personal liability insurance, which pays for the financial consequences of such damages.

If students have not finished a professional training before studying and are not married, they should ask their parents if they have a personal liability insurance. Often, the parents’s liability insurance also covers children that are still studying. In any case, you should check this with your parents‘ insurance company.

If you are not covered via your parents‘ insurance, check out the website of the German Consumer Advice Centers (Verbraucherzentralen, in German). You can also find information and attractive offers for personal liability insurances on the Internet.



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