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Legal Advice

Legal Advice Ticket from the Local Court

People with very low income may apply for and be granted a legal advice ticket from the local court. Students with a low income can also apply for this aid.

With this ticket, legal rights outside of the court context can be exercised, i.e., it can be used for legal business apart from the legal process itself.

People in need of legal advice get a letter of authorisation with which they can consult a lawyer of their choice. A fee of € 15 must be paid there. If it is problematic for the person to raise this amount, it can be dispensed with.

A legal advice ticket is available for the following legal areas: civil law, family law, labour law, social law, administrative law and tax law. In criminal cases only verbal advice is possible.

Because the legal advice ticket is granted in correspondence to the income, the local court checks the financial situation of applying persons. It is therefore necessary to bring an up-to-date bank statement and proof of income and private assets as well as expenses (e.g., rental contract).

If you want to be legally represented at court in spite of a small income, you can apply for legal costs aid at the local court. Legal advice tickets as well as legal costs aid can be granted to international students, too.

Rechtsantragsstelle at Amtsgericht Hanover
(Office for legal aid application at the local court)
Volgersweg 1
Room 2004 (old building)
30175 Hanover
Phone: +49 511 347-0
Consulting time: 
Mon–Fri 9:00–12:00 h 

Due to the great demand you have to get a queue number. Queue numbers are available from 8:45 h after the opening of the building. We recommend you to be there at 8:45 h if possible because the queue numbers are in limited supply!

The Studentenwerk Hannover offers a special legal advice service for international students. Please note that this service is restricted to questions on the status as foreign national: Legal advice for foreign students.

Free legal advice for students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH)

The Legal Clinic team of the LUH Faculty of Law offers a free extrajudicial legal advice to all LUH students. The Legal Clinic team consists of law students and works under the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

Please note that this advice service is only available for LUH students and is valid only for a student's personal affairs. Explicitly exempted are all matters concerning BAföG (federal student loans & grants programme) and social security law. The advice service is in German.

Consultations are held every Wednesday by appointment (throughout the year, also during the semester breaks).

Appointment and contact: legalclinic(at)jura.uni-hannover.de

For more information, refer to: www.jura.uni-hannover.de/legalclinic.html



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