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Health Insurance

Pregnant women covered by the statutory health insurance, are entitled to a number of the health insurance services in the context of maternity benefits. The Familien-Wegweiser (Family Guide) of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth offers a survey of these benefits.

Pregnant women covered by private health insurance should check their claims with their health insurance provider as soon as possible.

As a general rule, employed members of the statutory health insurance don’t have to pay insurance fees during maternity and parental leave. This does not apply to students, however: Students still have to pay their insurance contribution during these times as well.

A family insurance for the child and the spouse via one parent is possible both in the statutory insurance for employees and in the students’ statutory insurance and voluntary continued insurance.

With female students who are still co-insured via their parents in a statutory health insurance, the child can also be co-insured by the insurance of its grandparents. When the dependents’ co-insurance of the student mother terminates, the child must become co-insured by its mother, e.g. in the students’ statutory insurance.



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