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State Counselling for Parents and Family

The education of children is a task with much responsibility, and sometimes difficult. Parents can get into situations where advice from the outside can help to cope with this responsibility. In the Social Security Code VIII the family’s claim to free support by a state counselling service is regulated.

The Jugend-, Familien- und Erziehungsberatung (Youth, Family and Educational Counselling Service) at the Department for Youth and Family of the City of Hanover advises parents, youths and families on educational questions und problematic domestic situations.

Separation and divorce are a particularly difficult situation for both parents and children. The parents’ interaction is often fraught with conflict. Still, the parents have to find solutions on how to organise the separation in regard to access regulations and future responsibilty for education. A judicial solution is often the most problematic option, especially for the children.

In the parents’ separation counselling, parents can receive support on how to deal with each other in such a way that it enables them, in spite of their existing problems, to act together as parents for the sake of their children.



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