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Maternity Protection

So far, the Maternity Protection Act exclusively applied to women in an employment relationship. Since 01.01.2018, the scope of the Act is extended to female students and trainees nationwide.

Maternity protection periods 

Six weeks prior to birth:

It is possible to pursue studies, if the wish has been declared explicitly and thus no risk of unreasonable danger has to be feared. (Sanitary employment restrictions must be considered!)

Eight weeks after birth:

It is possible to pursue studies, if this has been declared explicitly vis-à-vis the university and if there is no health risk. A revocation is possible at any time, albeit not for exams that have already been taken.

Examination regulations:

There shall be no disadvantages due to pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding period, or it shall be compensated respectively, e.g. through alternate dates for taking exams.
A revocation of the statement towards the university, to continue the studies despite maternity protection, is only possible prior to the exam. In case of cancellation of exams, the general regulations of the universities in regard to illness will apply.

Exemption from employment- / training ban for female students:

It is possible to attend the training institution between 20:00 and 22:00 h, as well as on Sundays and public holidays, if

  • the wish is explicitly declared vis-à-vis the university.
  • participation is essential for the training.
  • no irresponsible danger arises by working alone.

The regulations of maternity protection for expectant and breast-feeding women (dismissal protection, protection policy at the place of work, maternity period, etc.) are explained in the Familien-Wegweiser (Family Guide) published by the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth also issues a brochure, which contains more detailed information.





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