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Parental Leave

Employees and persons in professional training can make use of parental leave. The regulations are explained in the Familien-Wegweiser (Family Guide) of the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Parental leave amounts to up to three years. It begins at the earliest with the birth of the child (for women after the end of the mother protection period) and always ends after the child has finished its third year of life. Parents may take parental leave alternately or take it together, without the three years being prolonged.

Both parents are allowed to work up to thirty hours a week. As with the parental allowance, the entire working time must not exceed 48 hours per week.

More flexible parental leave

For births from 1 July 2015 new rules for parental leave apply.

Up to 24 months of parental leave can be taken between the third and eighth year of a child. The previous deadline for the application with the employer is seven weeks before the third birthday. If the parental leave is taken after the third birthday, the application deadline is extended to thirteen weeks.

The pause from work may now be split into three time segments for each parent, instead of two as previously. It is no longer required that the employer agrees to the second segment. However, the employer may reject the third segment of parental leave for urgent operational reasons (as previous) if this segment should be between the third and eighth birthday of the child.



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