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Daycare and Daycare Facilities

Daycare facilities:

  • Toddler Group ("Krippen/Krabbelgruppen"; up to the completion of the third year of life)
  • Kindergarden Group ("Kindergartengruppen"; from the age of three until enrolment)
  • After School Care Centre ("Kinderhort"; from enrolment up to the age of 14)

The granting of places in daycare centres is up to the respective provider and is normally excercised by the daycare centre management.

You will find information about childcare places at hannover.de, page Beratung und Vermittlung zur Kinderbetreuung.

Daycare Facility Costs
During the first two years of kindergarden, parents have to pay a share of the childcare costs in relation to their earnings. The third year at the kindergarden is free. The amount of the payable fee complies with the income as well as with the kind of care and the number of siblings at the kindergarden. Parents with a low income (this could also be student loan (BaföG) or alimentation payments) and recipients of Unemployment Benefit II may be granted a free-of-charge place. If the children have lunch at a kindergarden in Hanover, an extra fee of € 30 per month must be paid without regard to the parents’ income.

It is especially difficult to find means of care for children under the age of three. An alternative to a toddler group could be a nanny. If you cannot find a suitable person within your circle of friends and acquaintances or at the open market, please contact:

Online-Kinderbetreuungsbörse des FamilienServiceBüros des Fachbereichs Jugend und Familie der Stadt Hannover (Online Platform of the Office for Family Services at the Department for Youth and Family of the City of Hanover)

FamilienServiceBüro des Fachbereichs Jugend und Familie der Stadt Hannover (Office for Family Services at the Department for Youth and Family of the City of Hanover)

Fachberatungsstelle Kindertagespflege / KiTaB e. V. (Specialist counselling for child daycare)

Further possibilities to look for a nanny are provided by the following free Web advertising pages:



Under certain conditions, the costs for daycare may (partly) be taken over by the Department for Youth and Family upon application (case-by-case review). This especially concerns single parents who cannot care for their child by themselves due to employment or training.

Students might have problems when costs are paid for by other institutions. It is advisable to get counsel beforehand, e. g. at the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk.



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