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Fluxx: Backup Care for Students' Children

Student parents usually have well-organised regular childcare arrangements. But what if anything unexpected happens and messes up the well-organised childcare. For such "emergencies", the city of Hanover and the Studentenwerk now offer, as a point of contact, the "Fluxx Backup Child Care" service to students.

"Fluxx Backup Child Care" of Hanover city and region has been helping parents since September 2014 when the regular childcare does not work and no solution could be found in the circle of family and friends. All parents residing in Hanover and Wunstorf or working for Fluxx partner companies may use Fluxx, and now also all student parents who are registered at a Hanover university.

"Fluxx" offers advice and support, information and contacts, and even an emergency care for children aged 0 to 13 years. To do so, "Fluxx" provides, on short notice, nannies in the family home or outside care services with driving services. Childcare is provided independent of regular day care or school hours, depending on the emergency situation, even on weekends. However, as prerequisite there always has to be an exceptional situation in the family.

Since April 1, 2015, the Studentenwerk is a "Fluxx" Partner. Since then, the following improvements in "Fluxx" tailored to the situation of students apply:

  • The "Fluxx" offer is now available to all Hanover students with a child.
    Because of the high rents in Hanover, some students with children prefer to live in the countryside and therefore could not benefit from "Fluxx". Now "Fluxx" is available to all students that are registered at a Hanover university, regardless of their place of residence.
  • The cost for student children is only € 2.00 per hour.
    Student mothers and fathers usually have to make do with a tighter financial budget than working parents. To relieve student parents financially, the hourly rate for child care services is lowered from € 5.00 to € 2.00.

For more information and the necessary forms, please refer to:

Fluxxfon +49 (0)511 168-32 110




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