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Additional Offers by Universities and Studentenwerk

The Hanover universities and the Studentenwerk have additional offers for student parents and their children that go beyond regular day-care and that help to make everyday life easier for student parents.

In the following you will find some examples. The universities' Equal Opportunities Offices provide further information.

Leibniz University Hanover (LUH)

Leibniz Kids

On behalf of the Leibniz University, the Leibniz Kids day care centre of pme Family Services provides up to 30 regular child care places and 12 back-up places on their premises at Herrenhäuser Straße 2. Opening hours depend on the working hours of employed and student parents.

Regular day care: There are two fixed nursery groups of up to 15 children from two months to three years. The children are cared for Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The majority of places are offered publicly and allocated according to the criteria of the city of Hanover. In addition, there are special quotas for employees and/or students of Leibniz Universität.

Back-up care: Additionally, the Leibniz Kids day care centre offers back-up care for up to 12 children aged 0 to 12 years to all Leibniz Universität employees and students. Back-up care supports parents flexibly in all kinds of shortage or emergency situations such as a sick babysitter/day nanny, or crucial learning or examination times. Children can be cared for on short notice for hours or even days. If parents need the emergency care for study- or work-related reasons, the costs are paid for by the Leibniz Universität.

Baby Care Room at the TIB Library

A special baby care room is provided on the second floor of the TIB Library’s main building at Welfengarten. This room is for nursing and changing babies and has a couch, a baby’s changing table, a wash basin as well as toys and reading material. The room key is deposited at the central information desk on the ground floor.
There’s another baby care room on the ground floor, however without sitting/nursing accommodation.


Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Care Offers

The MHH Equal Opportunities Office offers child day care during (state) examination times as needed. In case of child care emergencies, students can arrange with the MHH to make use of an emergency care service. Furthermore, the MHH supports parents looking for day nannies or babysitters and provides an internet exchange for families. In addition to that, the Equal Opportunities Office will also run advertisements in the nanny exchange of the MHH and see to it that notices are placed on bulletin boards.


Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH)


The "Spatzennest" is especially designed for students as well as university employees with little children. The room is equipped with a baby’s changing table, a comfortable couch, a children’s sitting area as well as with toys and a large blackboard for drawing. The equipment was financed by the Studentenwerk and the university. Parents can make use of this room to look after their children themselves or arrange with other users and organise a reciprocal child care.

To access the "Spatzennest" you need a special voucher which interested parents can receive at the Equal Opportunities officer. You can only get the key from the doorman's office by producing this voucher. Furthermore, there are special house rules for this care room to prevent it from being used inappropriately. Parents receive the house rules together with the voucher.

Parent-child room at Expo Plaza

There is another parent-child room at the Expo Plaza, provided in cooperation with the Hochschule Hannover. It is located in building Expo Plaza 12 in room 3.47 and allows a combined use as a parent-child room and a student work lounge.


Hochschule Hannover—University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HsH)


Students of the Hochschule Hannover (HsH) may place their children for short terms and without prior notice at the "Mini-Club" of the Kaiser Centre, which is situated just opposite the main building of the HsH at Ricklinger Stadtweg. The HsH Equal Opportunities’ Office has initiated this offer. It is financed by the Studentenwerk and the HsH. For more information on the Mini-Club, go to the HsH website (German info page).

Parent-child room at Expo Plaza

At Expo Plaza, a parent-child room is provided in cooperation with the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. It is located in building Expo Plaza 12 in room 3.47 and allows a combined use as a parent-child room and a student work lounge.


University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Foundation

Parent-child rooms

On the Bischofsholer Damm campus, you can use the "TiHo Nest", consisting of two parent-child rooms. One of the rooms is furnished as a parent-child office. It has a work station with computer, printer and phone, while at the same time providing the opportunity for childcare. The second room can be used as play or recreation/napping room.
A second parent-child room is situated in the "TiHo-Tower" on the Bünteweg campus. This room is a combined office/care room, set up both with an office place and as a play and recreation/napping room.


Holiday Child Care

During the Easter and autumn holidays, the LUH, HsH, MHH, TiHo und HMTMH jointly offer a holiday child care for the children of university members. The care takes place at the Medical School, at Faculty V of the HsH and at the Centre for University Sports.

For more information on offer, dates and application, refer to the universities’ Equal Opportunity Offices or the office of the Centre for University Sports, Phone +49 511 7 62-21 92, info(at)hochschulsport-hannover.de.

Studentenwerk Hannover

Kid’s Corner at the Main Cafeteria (Hauptmensa)

At the Hauptmensa there is a kid’s corner for small children for playing and crawling. Student parents may eat without any ruffle while keeping an eye on their playing children.



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