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Studying with a Child

While studying, seven percent of Hanover’s students provide and care for their children. Studies, child care, and the task of making a living is a particular challenge for student parents. It isn’t always easy to meet these different requirements.

In this section of our website, we are going to inform you about various aspects of the life situation of student parents. What must be kept in mind in regard to exeat or examination procedure, which regulations do concern you as a pregnant employee, which funds can be applied for and where, what is the legal situation of a child, is there any child care close to university and how can it be paid for? You will get information on these and many other questions as well as helpful links.

The situation of student parents varies a lot, which is why a personal counselling might be an important addition to this information. The Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk will offer in-depth counselling in regard to your specific life situation.

Karen Tepel, Ina Klyk, Dorothea Tschepke
Phone +49 511 76-88 919, -88 922 or -88 935
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For counselling by phone and arranging an appointment, please call one of the phone numbers above outside our consulting times.



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