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450 € Jobs

For marginal jobs with a monthly wage up to € 450 (mini-job), the following rules about social insurance and taxes apply:

Employers have to pay a fixed amount of 13 % of the gross wage to the health insurance if the employee is member of the statutory health insurance.

Since 1 January 2013, workers with a marginal wage are also subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory pension insurance scheme. A deductible of 3.6 % has to be paid. 

Furthermore, the employer must pay an apportionment of 0.84 % to compensate for potential expenditures in case of illness and the legal protection for expectant and nursing mothers. Finally, a flatrate tax of 2 % must be paid if there is no deduction by means of working on an income tax card.

Apart from the flatrate tax, which the employer may deduct from the wage, the employees have to pay no share at all.

The employees gain no further entitlement from the health insurance contributions paid for them whereas they do have minor claims from the pension insurance contributions paid. Anyone who would like to not be subject to compulsory pension insurance may be exempted at any time, even during the current employment.

For further information please contact the Social Advice Centre at the Studentenwerk.



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