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Barrier-free Living at Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk offers barrier-free accommodation places to students with disabilities.

Student House Nobelring
Take a Look at the House

44 of the places for students with disabilities are located at the student house Nobelring 10-12, which is situated in the Roderbruch quarter. It is very close to the Medical School Hanover, though in some distance to the other universities. All areas of the student house are wheelchair-accessible: the doors open automatically and there are two lifts, so no steps have to be overcome.

The single apartments are barrier-free and well suited for wheelchair-bound people. They each consist of a living room and a sanitary room en suite. The size of the apartments differs, ranging from about 18 to 22,2 square meters. The doors leading to the hall have a width of 95 cm. All cupboards are equipped with sliding doors, there are lines for telephone and TV. All sanitary rooms are of the same size (about 3,5 square meters) and separated from the living rooms with sliding doors. The showers, too, are wheelchair-accessible. Grab handles and foldable chairs for the shower are installed according to the wishes of the respective inhabitant.

The barrier-free apartments are not located in one single area, but spread all over the student house. This is appreciated by tenants with disabilities, as they are not being segregated. On the contrary, there are good relations with the other tenants. The students with disabilities indicate that such kind of contacts right from the start are very important in order to keep them from isolation. Apart from that, they emphasize the extensive cooperativeness of the other tenants as well as the management and caretaking staff.

At the student house Nobelring there are cooking facilities in common kitchens, that are each used by about 20 people. The kitchens are large and the kitchenettes partly wheelchair-accessible.

There are also wheelchair-accessible laundrettes.

In addition to that, there is a parking garage with clearly signposted parking for people with disabilities. The parking is frequently controlled to avoid misuse. In order to access the garage, however, at least finger capacity is needed.

There is also a room for the accommodation of an assistant available in the student house Nobelring.

The shopping facilities in the neighbourhood are sufficient, but the prices are partially quite high. Close to the student house there is a tram stop with a raised platform where you can access the city.

Student House Callinstraße
Take a Look at the House

The youngest student house of the Studentenwerk is situated in the Nordstadt of Hanover, Callinstraße 25. It is in the vicinity of many university buildings and just next to the main cafeteria. At the student house Callinstraße there are two places especially for students with disabilities. They are located in a ground floor, barrier-free apartment with two rooms, kitchen, toilet and shower. Lines for telephone and TV are at hand. One room has a size of about 12,2 square meters, the other of 12,4 square meters. These numbers include the sanitary room size. The outer door of the apartment and the doors of the rooms have a width of about 95 cm. Both rooms adjoin a spacious kitchen, where the kitchenette is completely wheelchair-accessible.

The sanitary room is separated from the apartment by a sliding door, which has a width of 85 cm. It is completely wheelchair-accessible, too, and equipped with a foldable chair for the shower, grab handles and an adjustable mirror.

The student house Callinstraße has a common room which is wheelchair-accessible. The adjoining toilet is equipped with grab handles.

The student house does have a laundry room, but it is unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible. Another shortcoming is that there are no lifts, with which the upper storeys and their tenants could be reached.

The Nordstadt is characterised by its student inhabitants. There are a lot of cheap shopping facilities as well as a huge number of pubs. Close to the student house Callinstraße there are the tram stops for lines 4 and 5 with raised platforms.

Student House Ritter-Brüning-Straße
Take a Look at the House

This student house has two barrier-free single rooms. It is ideally situated with regard to the Hochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts); Location Ricklinger Stadtweg. Just alongside the student house there is the tram stop Stadionbrücke, which has raised platforms.

How can I get a Place at the Student House?

Students with disabilities are preferentially accepted upon an application of admission to accommodation places. The Studententwerk's Accommodation administration does kindly ask you to apply for a room well in advance, as some preparations might be necessary. This means e.g. providing the rooms with special devices, as being described in detail above. Of course, this is valid for all kinds of disabilities.

It is e.g. possible to install a guidance system for blind residents or a lighting system for deaf students instead of an acoustic bell.

The Studentenwerk Hannover explicitly affirms its wish to accommodate more students with disabilities in its student houses, as this offer is seldom taken up at the time being, although the capacity would be much higher.

For a link to the online application and more information on the admission procedure and rental provisions, please visit our Rooms & Residences Section.



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