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Living Costs

So that you can better plan how much money you will need for living, we provide some information on Hanover students' average monthly living expenses on this page. 

The following list is not exhaustive and only contains selected expenditure items that have been mentioned by many students. For example, if you do have a car, you must calculate 80 euros for its maintenance alone.

The average living expenses of a Hanover student add up to € 930.

Average Monthly Living Costs (€) of a Student in Hanover



Rent, related costs

€ 326

Learning materials (books, field trips etc.)

€ 23


€ 170


€ 46

Health (health insurance, medicine, consultations)

€ 79

Phone, Internet etc.

€ 33

Other costs

€ 61

In general, only students older than 25 have to finance a health insurance of their own. The costs for learning can be much higher, depending on the respective course of studies!

Do not forget: you still have to add the semester fees and maybe long-term tuition fees.

If you have any questions on the financing of your studies, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk Hannover.

And by the way: of course you can save a lot of money by using the Studentenwerk offers such as our cafeterias and student accommodation.

(Source of data: "21th Social Survey – an empirical analysis of economic and social conditions of students' life in Germany", 2016, conducted on behalf of the Deutsches Studentenwerk – DSW/German Student Services organization, information concerning the SemesterCard were replaced by the real costs.)



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