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Accident Insurance

Students of all Hanover universities are automatically insured at the statutory accident insurance (GUV = Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung). This insurance covers only the physical damage occurred; it does not cover a property damage incurred.
The insurance cover starts with the registration at university and extends to all action being taken in causal connection to the studies. All accidents that take place during courses, work in the library, study excursions, or activities for students' councils are covered by the insurance. The trip between university and home (direct way only) is covered, as well. It does not matter whether the route has been taken on foot, by bicycle or by car/other motor vehicle.

During stays abroad the insurance cover does only work if they take place in connection with the German university. This means that usually only those stays abroad are accepted that can be attributed formally as well as in organization and content to the studies at the German university.

Self-organised stays abroad are generally not covered, even if they are supported by the German university and e.g. regarded as necessary for the finishing of an exam thesis. Students planning a self-organized study abroad are advised to enter into a private health and accident insurance for this period.

The statutory accident insurance does not cover any private study-related or course-work activities outside the university and the area of its organizational responsibility. That means that activities such as private study groups, exam preparations at home, privately organized study excursions or any other activities outside of official courses are not covered by this insurance.

Students doing internships are for the most part supported by the accident insurance of the company or institution they work in. You should verify this before the internship starts. This does not apply to students of medicine doing their "medical-practical year internship" (medizinisch-praktisches Jahr). They continue to be insured as students under the statutory accident insurance by the university responsible for their practical year. As regards other training sections prescribed by the Licensing Regulations for Doctors (Approbationsordnung) such as nursing service or medical clerkship, the training institution/company will provide the insurance coverage.

You should also talk about whether the company or institution will take on any damages a student might cause. If this is not the case, we advise you to take out a liability insurance, or a temporary professional liability insurance, respectively. Liability claims of third parties are not covered by the catalog of benefits of the statutory accident insurance.

If an accident has taken place on the grounds of the university you have to inform this university's registration office immediately!

You will receive further information on the statutory accident insurance at the Registration or Registrar's Office of your university, or go directly to the Landesunfallkasse Niedersachsen.

For further information and questions on accident insurances, the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk will also be happy to help you.



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