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Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy is good for the environment and good for your budget. We have five tangible tips to accomplish this goal.

Tip 1: Breathe deep

Turn the heating down, open the window wide and take a deep breath for some minutes. This is called intense ventilation and it really saves energy. Please note: if it freezes in winter, you shouldn't air longer than three minutes. If it gets warmer outside (15 degrees or higher) it is fine to air for the quarter of an hour.  

Tip 2: Less is more

20 degrees is an already comfortable temperature in living rooms. And you will sleep much better, if it isn't warmer than 17 degrees in your bedroom. Just give it a try and turn the heating down a bit! Believe it or not: two degrees less at the heater thermostat mean 12 percent less heat energy.

Tip 3: Heating on holiday

Treat your heating to a holiday, too! If you are absent for a longer period, turn the heating down – that saves energy and money. But beware: don't turn off the heating in winter completely as the pipes could freeze!

Tip 4: Bye-bye, stand-by

Whether TV, PC or DVD player – nothing can be really switched off anymore. That squanders energy and doesn't bring any real benefit. Accordingly, you should use a switchable outlet and get away from it all!

Tip 5: Perfect combination

Equally sized pots and stoves mean perfect pairing. Not only does it look good on the stove, it also saves 30 percent of energy and your food will be prepared much faster.




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