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About Residents' Registration

Compulsory residents' registration

Anyone moving into an apartment or a room has to register this address as his/her current place of residence with the local residents' registration office ("Meldeamt"). In Hanover, you can also go to one of the administrative offices for citizens ("Bürgerämter") to do this.

You can register your home as a principal or secondary residence in Hanover. There are disadvantages when you register a secondary residence—please refer to our page Secondary Residence Tax.

Landlord’s/landlady’s confirmation ("Vermieterbescheinigung") 

The new Federal Registration Act came into effect on November 1, 2015. Since then, when tenants register or de-register at the residents' registration office, they have to submit a written confirmation of their landlord/landlady that they moved in or out.

This "Landlord’s/landlady’s confirmation" ("Vermieterbescheinigung") must specify the name of the landlord/landlady, the residence‘s address, whether it’s for registration or de-registration of a residence, the date of moving in or moving out and of course the name of the person subject to registration.

The landlady/landlord may authorize others, such as employees of the property management company, to issue this certificate.

If you forget to provide the landlord’s/landlady’s confirmation when you register, you can still submit it within two weeks. Attention! After this time limit, you can incur high expenses. The failure to provide the confirmation is considered as an administrative offence and can be penalised with an administrative fine of up to € 1000!

Therefore: Just take along the confirmation with your passport or identity card when you go to the office for registration!

On the other hand, the landlord/landlady is of course obliged to issue the confirmation. If you are unable to provide the confirmation because the landlord/landlady has failed to issue one, you have to notify the residents' registration office within the two weeks time limit. In this case, the registration office contacts the landlord/landlady directly.

Right to information – landlord/landlady

Landlords/landladies are entitled to be informed by the registration office on their apartments, that is, they can check for free at the registration office which persons are registered in the apartment. In this way, landlords/landladies can check, for example, whether tenants have sublet without their permission.

On the other hand, the residents' registration office also has the right to demand information by landlords/landladies. Upon request of the registration office, landlords/landladies are obliged to provide information about whom they have let their apartments to.



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