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Tips for the Room Hunt

Maybe you have already had your first experiences with room hunting: To find a suitable and affordable accommodation is easier than some years ago, but still not without problems. That's why you should be prepared to compromise to a certain extent. Do not exclusively look for a room near to your university and overlooking the park.

It is advisable to look for an accommodation before the beginning of your studies, at the latest, however, when you get your certificate of admission. Housing offers in the surrounding area of Hanover shouldn't be rejected too soon, as well. Take your sleeping bag and a city map with you, not to forget endurance.

If possible you should already rent a room during the semester break for it is, as experience shows, especially difficult to get a housing just at the beginning of the semester. In addition to that the risen demand often increases the rent level at that time.

Here are some further tips and useful links for the room hunt:

Studentenwerk Hanover
Take advantage of our list of Rooms & Apartments Online (German). There you can check offers for rooms and apartments in the Hanover area or lodge an application.

Newspapers and Internet
Take a look at the housing ads of local newspapers (for those who do not want to do this online, but prefer printed media: the advertisement sections of the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung and the Neue Presse are identical). It is also advisable to scan through the advertising journals and free city magazines (Der Heiße Draht, Schädelspalter, MagaScene, ...). You can advertise in the papers yourself, too.

Notices and Announcements
Take a look at the black boards in the cafeterias and different faculties for housing offers; you can put up a notice there yourself.

Rooms in a shared apartment
Students who are looking for a room in a shared apartment ("Wohngemeinschaft" or "WG") should take a look at the list of Rooms & Apartments Online (German) of the Studentenwerk. There are special search options for rooms in shared apartments ("WG-Zimmer").

Short-term over-night accommodations
Sleeping places for the room hunt or for short-term bridging:
Youth Hostel Hanover (Jugendherberge Hannover)
(online reservation form)
Naturfreundehaus Hannover

There is also a couchsurfing offer in Hanover: www.medi-learn.de/foren/forumdisplay.php?f=312

Agencies for Interim Room Rentals 
These agencies broker furnished accommodation for interim rentals (subletting). These are mostly privately owned, furnished flats, apartments and rooms that can be rented for a more or less restricted period of time: HomeCompany or Zeitwohnen Hannover. Both agencies take commission fees.

Private Rooms
As a world-renowned exhibition and convention city, Hanover has a lot of private and fair rooms. Please contact the accommodation service of Hannover Marketing und Tourismus.

We wish you good luck with your room hunting!





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