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Wohnhaus Heidjerhof | Andreas Paul, www.orauschen.de
Grundriss Apartment Heidjerhof | vorrink wagner architekten gmbh (bearbeitet)

Heidjerhof 3 and Wedemarkhof 2, 30625 Hannover

The house consists of a main building and an annex, and is located between the Medical School and Faculty V of the Hanover University. Still, the location in a quiet residential area with good infrastructure is attractive for other students as well: the city centre and other universities can also be reached quickly due to the excellent transport connections.

For the winter semester 2020/2021, the house will be occupied again after it has been thoroughly renovated, converted and completely refurbished in 2019/2020.

Now it offers forms of living for every taste: those who prefer to live alone will find what they are looking for in the single apartments. These are equipped with a pantry kitchen and a shower bath. There are convivial shared apartments with shared kitchens and bathrooms in different sizes: in addition to 3-person and 4-person shared apartments, rooms in hall communities are also offered.

In the main building there is a barrier-free area with four rooms, two bathrooms and their own pantry kitchens directly on the ground floor. One of the rooms is wheelchair accessible.

All accommodation units are fully furnished, internet access and a flat-rate operating allowance are included in the stated rents. The rental prices vary depending on the size of the residential units.

Places available, rents

Number   Kind   Size   Rent

Single rooms in shared apartments/hall communities

  11 m²  

270 €


Single rooms in  3-/4-room shared apartments

  11–16 m²  

300–320 €


Single rooms in barrier-free area
(1 wheelchair accessible, 3 barrier-free)

  22–27 m²   338–363 €

Single apartments with kitchen, shower, WC

  14–24 m²   340–385 €


Common room, basement bicycle storage, car park, laundry/drying room

Apartment | Matthias Waselowsky, StwH
Einzelzimmer in Flurgemeinschaft | Matthias Waselowsky, StwH
Flur | Matthias Waselowsky, StwH
WG-Zimmer | Matthias Waselowsky, StwH

Please note all photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual rooms will have the facilities set out above, but may be different from the images shown here.

Student House Management

The Student House Management is your contact for all formalities, questions and problems in regard to living in the student house. Please note: If you would like to apply for a place in a student house, please contact our department's Accommodation Administration, not the local student house management!

Thorsten Widderich | Jessica Blume, StwH

Thorsten Widderich
Phone +49 511 70 03 56 75
Office Hours
Mon, Wed 9:00–10:00 h
Fri 12:00–13:00 h

Matthias Jurdzinski
Phone +49 511 70 03 56 75

Please note that the open office hours in the student houses are currently cancelled due to the infection situation. You are welcome to clarify your concerns via phone or e-mail with your student house management. If this shouldn't work in such a way, get in touch with your student house management and arrange a personal appointment.

Residents' Council of the Student House (HSV)

The Residents' Council of the student house is elected from and by the group of the student residents. It keeps contact with the Studentenwerk, organises house assemblies and parties, manages the students' pub and sometimes arbitrates in case of dispute. The HSV council is run by volunteers. Suggestions and cooperation are always appreciated!
To find out the name of the HSV council members, consulting times and places of assembly please look for notices on the bulletin board in the student house or ask the student house management.

Tutor for International Students

As part of the Tutoring Programme for International Students in Studentenwerk Accommodation, the student house tutors offer regular consulting times. Some tutors attend to more than one student house—please pay attention to where the consulting times take place!

Gloria Kessler | Jessica Blume, StwH

»Hey, my name is Gloria Kessler and I’m from a place near Stuttgart. Now I study humanmedicin at the MHH (Medical School Hannover). Since october 2019, I’m the tutor in the student houses Heidjerhof and Nobelring. If you have any questions about the life in the student house or the life in hannover, I would help you. You can speak with me every time or just write an e-mail or come to my office hours. I hope we can meet sometimes and we can learn from each other at international evenings, events and partys. I hope we have a nice time. Please look at my postings!«

Gloria Kessler
Consulting Times
Tue 20:00–22:00 h
at the student house Heidjerhof

Details About the Location of the Student House

Nearby University
Medical School Hanover, main building, 10 minutes’ walk
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover (location Blumhardtstraße), 15 minutes’ walk

Nearby Tram
Tram stop "Misburger Straße", line 4, 5 minutes’ walk

Nearby Cafeterias/Student Cafés
Mensa Blumhardtstraße, 15 minutes’ walk
Cafeteria of the Medical School, 10 minutes’ walk

On Berckhusenstraße, there are several shops, e.g., a big supermarket which is only a few minutes away. The Misburger Straße also offers many shopping options.

Culture Round the Corner
There are some pubs and restaurants not too far away. At the city centre, which can be reached easily and quickly, there are innumerable cultural offers, from theatres and operas to cinemas and museums. For further information please refer to www.hannover.de.

The student house is close to both the municipal forest Eilenriede and the public park Hermann-Löns-Park; it offers ideal opportunities to go running or hiking. In summer the lido Kleefelder Bad (Haubergstraße 17) invites you for a swim.

Medical Practitioners
Refer to Google Map with doctors close to the student house. Adjacent is the Hannover Medical School (MHH) with numerous clinics.




Studentenwerk Hannover
Student Accommodation Dept.

Jägerstraße 5
30167 Hannover

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