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Accommodation FAQ

Students in their first course of study at a university in Hanover are eligible without restrictions to live there. Not entitled to residence are students who are also a (paid) assistent or trainee (e.g., a trainee teacher or trainee lawyer) or in any similar activity, as well as students who are working more than required for covering living expenses while studying. Usually not entitled to residence are students who complete a postgraduate, supplementary, secondary, or doctoral course of studies. Foreign doctoral students will usually be granted a residence time of up to six months.

It's simple: Fill in the application form on page Application. You can also fill in and submit the paper application form in our head office. Please note our opening hours.
All accommodation places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the application. For moving in for the winter semester, freshmen who at the time of application reside outside the Hanover region receive preferential treatment. With your application you are on our waiting list; but this does not create any right to a rental contract.

You can apply at any time by filling in the accommodation application. There are no deadlines. Especially for the winter semester, however, we recommend to apply as early as possible—but not more than six months before the desired move-in date. At this time, due to the high number of freshmen, the demand usually exceeds the available places in student accommodation.

After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Once a room is available, we will send you an offer with all relevant data. If you are interested, please contact us in writing or by phone within the period specified in the e-mail. If you do not wish to accept the room offered, please give us a feedback, as well, by phone or in writing. The rooms are offered simultaneously to several candidates.

After we have received your tenancy declaration we will create your rental contract documents and send them to you by e-mail.

The rent depends on the size and furnishings of each room or apartment. An overview can be found here: www.studentenwerk-hannover.de/en-dormitories.html. In general, all charges for operating costs are already included in the rent—these include the cleaning of shared areas, property tax, and energy costs. The operating costs are invoiced once a year. In some houses there are individual electricity or water meters, which are billed individually.

Since 1st of September 2016, only rental contracts with an operating cost allowance will be concluded. For these tenancy agreements there will be no extra billing of operating costs an more.

You can move in during the opening hours of the local house management. For the opening hours and contact persons in your house, please refer to page Accommodation Portraits. You can get the key to your room there at the earliest on the first working day of the month when your rental contract begins.

Our rooms (apart from the student house Emdenstraße) are fully furnished with bed, wardrobe, desk with mobile filing cabinet, desk swivel chair, and at least one standing or wall shelf unit. All rooms have a sink of their own or a niche with washbasin and vanity unit. The windows are equipped with blinds (i.e. pleated or roller blinds). The floors usually have vinyl or synthetic flooring (no carpets).

In the shared kitchens, there are stoves with cooktops—sometimes even ovens, baking machines, or microwaves—, fridges and freezers as well as dining compartment lockers. You have to bring or buy everything else for your personal use, such as pots and pans, cutlery, dish towels. By the way, this also includes the cleaning agent for your room.

The rooms and shared areas of the different students houses vary quite a lot. For detailed information on individual houses please refer to the relevant page listed on page Accomodation Portraits.

Your first contact in the student house is our local house management. For opening hours and telephone numbers please refer to the relevant page listed here: Accomodation Portraits.

In each student house there is a Residents' Council. This Council is elected from and by the group of the student residents. It keeps contact with the Studentenwerk, organises house assemblies and parties, manages—if any—the students' pub and other community rooms, and sometimes arbitrates in case of dispute.

As part of the Tutoring Programme for International Students in Studentenwerk Accommodation, student house tutors offer regular consulting times. Some tutors attend to more than one student house—please pay attention to where the consulting times take place! These can also be found on the relevant page listed here:  Accomodation Portraits.

For any questions on the Internet access, please refer to the Internet Tutors. Name and contact details will be announced by notices on the bulletin board in each student house.

Should anything be broken or not work properly, you can report this in a Damage Report. The forms can be found in the student houses, mostly in free-access boxes in the entrance areas. Please throw the completed forms in the House Management's post box.

Outside our business hours, there are emergency services to which you can refer:
For heating and plumbing: GTM Dobrinski, phone (0511) 2 79 05 62.
For emergency locksmith services: GTM Dobrinski, phone (0511) 2 79 05 62.
(Take notice of the price list before calling!)
For electrical installations: Elektro Prokot, Tel. 01 71 5 01 54 82.

In both cases, you are not insured via the Studentenwerk. Therefore be sure to take out a personal liability insurance and possibly a household insurance.

A personal liability insurance pays for damage that you have inflicted on us, on other tenants in the house or another third party culpably (i.e., it is in your responsibility), for example, by fire or water. If you are not covered by a personal liability insurance, you have to pay for damages yourself! For more information, refer to the "Social Advice" section: Personal liability insurance page.

With a household (contents) insurance you insure your property that you have put in your room/apartment or have brought into the student house, against such risks that lead to destruction, damage or loss, for example, during a burglary. All of these risks are not covered by our insurances, and in case of damage you need to pay for the costs yourself.

We recommend taking out both insurances. For students, there are attractive rates. For more information on this topic, check out the website of the Consumer Advice Center for Lower Saxony: Verbraucherzentrale Niedersachsen (in German).

The period of notice is three months as per the end of the month (according to article 3 b of the General Rental Terms). You can get a cancellation form at your local student house management or in our head office at the Accommodation Administration.

When you finish your studies or are de-registered (exmatriculated) from university, the notice period is one month as per the end of the month. You have to attach an appropriate evidence when you hand in your notice.

If there are no defects or damages during the check-out when you move out, the deposit will be paid back directly to your bank account 10 to 12 weeks after your rental contract ends (not after you move out). If an additional payment is to be expected in the invoice of operating costs, a partial amount will be withheld and later considered in the invoice of operating costs.

The operating costs for the previous year are invoiced once a year. We send out these invoices from March to July of the following year. We do not issue interim statements when you move out during the current year.

Since 1st of September 2016, only rental contracts with an operating cost allowance will be concluded. For these tenancy agreements there will be no extra billing of operating costs an more.



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