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Available Rooms | Safety Guidelines

  • Unfortunately, it does happen from time to time that criminals publish fake ads in our Online Database of Available Rooms and especially try to get advance payments for deposits or rent from people looking for a room / apartment, for rooms or apartments that do not even exist. Therefore, please observe the following safety guidelines!

  • Advance payments
    Criminals try to trick you by demanding advance payments. Please only transfer a deposit or rental payment after you have seen the room / apartment, signed a rental contract, and have met the landlord or landlady in person. The Studentenwerk Hannover does not offer a trustee service. If you receive a letter with the Studentenwerk logo that claims to be a safety guarantee for advance payments, it is always a fake!
    Never transfer or pay any advance deposit or rental fees before signing a rental contract!

  • Transfer payments via money transfer services (Western Union, MoneyGram, TNT, Moneybookers ...)
    We strongly advise you to never send money via money transfer services to alleged landlords / landladies. Persons committing fraud predominantly use such services for online fraud to obtain deposit payments.
    Never send money to strangers via a money transfer service!

  • Copy of your passport or ID
    If you are asked to send a copy of your passport or other personal data to an alleged landlord / landlady, this may be a sign of a scam. People committing fraud may try to use your identity to gain the trust of other users of our online room database and to cheat them.
    Never send a copy of your passport or ID to alleged landlords!

  • Inquiries in English
    Since Internet scammers often operate in different countries, they usually write to their victims in English.
    Be extra careful with e-mails in faulty English!

  • Contact via Skype
    In general, "fake landlords / landladies" stay abroad for their own safety. Therefore, they usually try to use Skype or similar apps to establish contact and to create a relationship of trust with you—with the aim to persuade you to make advance payments.
    Avoid long conversations via Skype and always insist on an appointment for viewing the room / apartment as soon as possible!

  • Harassment
    If you should receive any sexually suggestive or inappropriate messages by someone allegedly offering a room / apartment in the online room database, please let us know immediately!
    Do not respond to such messages, but please inform us by sending an e-mail to: wohnraumboerse(at)studentenwerk-hannover.de!

  • In general, if you see a suspicious ad or message or if you are unsure, please send us an e-mail to wohnraumboerse(at)studentenwerk-hannover.de. Thank you!



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