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Available Rooms | Terms of Use

  • You are not allowed to post commercial offers (ads) where someone looking for a room has to pay any extra costs, e. g. estate agents or brokerage fees, increased telephone costs (such as for 0190 numbers) or anything similar.

  • Any commercial estate agencies or brokers, agencies for short-term (sub-)letting or competitors are prohibited from contacting the users of the free-of-charge online room dabatase of the Studentenwerk Hannover.

  • The Studentenwerk Hannover is not liable in any way for the content of ads or their inclusion in the database.

  • The inclusion of an ad in the database can only be guaranteed if the ad is an offer or the search for a room/apartment and does not contain any content violating the purpose of this page.

  • The Studentenwerk Hannover will delete ads at any time and without prior notice, if they violate the above terms of use and/or contain illegal or immoral content.

  • To safeguard against unauthorized change, each ad receives a randomly generated 32-digit reference number which is required to change, prolong and delete the ad. Notwithstanding, should it come to an unauthorized access to an ad by third parties—as no password can provide a one-hundred-percent protection—, both the Studentenwerk Hannover and the provider Vision Connect GmbH do not assume any liability for any consequences.

  • Any personal data of anyone advertising will exclusively be used for contacting purposes by parties interested in the ad. These data will of course be treated confidentially and will not be used by the Studentenwerk Hannover for any other purpose. The contact between advertising and interested parties is made directly and without intervention by the Studentenwerk Hannover—even when using our e-mail form.

  • With the use of this online database, you agree to these terms of use.


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