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When your questions about studying, visa, and finances have been answered, you should try to find a room or an apartment while you are still in your home country – the internet makes things possible! It is very hard to find a room just before the term begins. In Germany there are mainly two kinds of accommodation for students:

Student accommodation of the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk Hannover (student services organisation) manages student houses in different quarters of Hanover. All of them are situated close to a university. Rooms in a student house are much cheaper than rooms or apartments on the private housing market. The rooms are furnished, a fact that is especially convenient for foreign students, and they are the easy way to make contact with other foreign or German students. That is why a place in student accommodation is very much sought after: about 45 % of international students in Germany are living in student accommodation.

Each student house of the Studentenwerk Hannover is looked after by a tutor for international students, who has regular consulting times and helps out if problems should occur.

You can already apply for a place in the student house when you are still in your home country! But note: there is a shortage of places, so apply as soon as possible. You must keep in mind though, that even with a timely application we cannot guarantee to you to get a place in our student accommodation when you start your studies!

You will find detailed information about the student houses and the application process as well as an online application form in our website's Rooms & Residence section.

Erasmus students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover can make use of the accommodation service of the International office for rooms at the student houses of the Student Services Hanover Accommodation Service of the International Office.

Private Accommodation

If you are looking for an apartment of your own or a shared flat ("WG"), you can start doing so in your home country via internet. The Studentenwerk Hannover offers a free Online listing of available rooms and apartments, where you can check offers for rooms and apartments in the Hanover area or lodge an application. There are other useful internet links in the Rooms & Residence section, on page Tips for the Room Hunt.

In this context we would like to draw your particular attention to the project "Welcoming Culture for International Students". The objective of this project is to support international students to find an accommodation in the private housing market. You will find further information on the page Private Housing for International Students.

Shared flats, in German "Wohngemeinschaften" or just "WG", are a very common living concept in Germany. Two or more students rent a flat together and share the rent and the running costs. Each inhabitant has a room of his/her own, whereas kitchen and bathroom are shared. These arrangements are often more than mere partnerships of convenience. A "WG" can clearly become a focus of social interaction.

The Deutscher Mieterbund will supply you with necessary information (in German) about what is important when acquiring a lease.



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