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Studying under Aggravating Circumstances

Studying with a Child

Coordinating child care, household tasks and studies takes much strength and good planning. There are means of relief for students with child, though, especially day-care facilities. For detailed information on this, refer to our website's "Social Advice" section, under heading  Studying with a Child.

If you want to take your child or your children to Germany with you, please read the tips on our page Proof of Financing carefully.

In principal: After your arrival get in contact with other student parents as soon as possible! It is easier to deal successfully with child-care gaps and emergencies as a group.

Studying with a Disability

Of course, it is possible for people with disabilities or chronic diseases to take up a course of study in Hanover. There are barrier-free places in the student houses of the Studentenwerk. Nevertheless, many daily routines still take more time and effort than for non-disabled people.

Information specifically for international students with disabilities is available in the "International Students" portal by the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), on page Students with disabilities.

For more information for students with disabilities in Hanover (advice centres, Studentenwerk accommodation), please refer to our website's "Social Advice" section, under heading Studying with Disabilities.



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