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One way of financing one's studies is a scholarship. As a general rule, it is crucial for you to get some information and apply as early as possible! The competition for scholarships is huge.

There are various kinds of scholarships and as many admission criteria: scholarships for freshmen, for postgraduates, for good grades, for volunteer work, for special study plans etc. Scholarships are granted by the state, the churches, associations, political parties, business and industry as well as other private institutions. Many of these sponsorships are especially designed for students from abroad.

You can inquire about which scholarships could be considered for you at the scholarship database of the Deutscher Akademisches Austauschdienst (DAAD = German Academic Exchange Service).

Some universities in Hanover offer scholarships and allowances especially for foreign students. For further information take a look at the website of the »Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover«: International Affairs/Scholarships and Support.

Another useful database is the Stipendienlotse (scholarship pilot) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (in German).



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