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Many banks offer credits especially designed for students on quite varying conditions. The Studentenwerk Hannover (student services organisation) is distribution partner of the "KfW-Studienkredit" (KfW Student Loan).

This loan is an additional option for financing your studies (apart from BAföG). It is offered without a check being made neither of your own income or financial situation nor of that of your parents.

Students are eligible if they

  • are 18 to 44 years old and
  • study at a state-run or state-approved university based in Germany and
  • are studying part-time or full-time or are in a study program designed for pursuing a degree while working full-time ("berufsbegleitend");

and if they also belong to one of the following groups:

  • German citizens,
  • Family members of a German citizen that have their main residence with him/her in Germany (their own nationality does not matter),
  • EU citizens that have been a legal permanent resident in Germany for at least three years,
  • Family members of such an EU citizen that have their main residence with him/her in Germany (their own nationality and duration of stay in Germany so far do not matter)
  • "Bildungsinländer", i.e. students with foreign citizenship who acquired their university admission qualification in Germany or at a German school abroad.

Financial support is offered for:

  • basic first and second study programs leading to a first degree qualifying for a profession
    (="grundständig", i.e. "Bachelor", "Diplom", "Magister", "Staatsexamen");
  • postgraduate courses ("Master"; additional, supplementary, and other postgraduate degree programs);
  • Ph.D. programs ("Promotion").
  • The financial support of part-time study programs is also possible.

The amount granted can range from € 100 to € 650 per month. The payment amount will be decreased monthly. At the latest by the 6th semester, an academic performance record has to be supplied; otherwise there will be no more payments.

The duration of the financing depends on the age of the student at 1 April or 1 October before the start of financing:

Age Duration of the financing
18–34 years up to 14 semesters
35–39 years up to 10 semesters
40–44 years up to 6 semesters

The loan must be paid back not later than 25 years after termination of payments. Different from BAföG, this student loan cannot be waived or diminished because of short study times, good results, or a payback ahead of time. If you, e.g., received € 400 a month for ten semesters by the KfW, that would make a debt of € 24 000 – plus interest. At the time being the variable rate of interest is 4.13 % (annual percentage rate, APR 4.21 %; valid as of 1 April 2019; the KfW bank biannually adapts the rate of interest for its loans.)

For the repayment period, you also have the option to choose a fixed interest rate for the loan's remaining maturity. This option is valid, however, only for a maximum duration of 10 years, even if repayment takes longer. In this way, you are independent of fluctuating interest rates on the capital market and know exactly in advance how much interest you will have to pay.

Before you raise a KfW Student Loan you should by all means seek counselling at the Abteilung Ausbildungsförderung (Loans & Grants Department) or the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk. These institutions will advise you about whether there are more favourable means of financing your studies (BAföG, educational credit etc.).

As regards this additional option, the Studentenwerk Hannover sees its role as advisor of the students and does not work "conclusion-oriented", i.e. to arrange as many loans as possible.

Further information (in German) can be found at the KfW-Förderbank.



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