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Checklist – Got Everything?

This list shall help you to, if possible, pack all necessary papers and documents:

 Plane, train and/or bus tickets

 Certificate of birth
 Passport, which must be valid for the entire period of study (prolongation is only possible in your home country!)
 Visa (if necessary; refer to page Visa)
 Vaccination card/documents (did you get all necessary vaccinations?)
 Emergency cards/documents (blood type, allergies ...) (if existent)
 International driving licence or German translation of the driving licence (if existent). More information can be found at the Bundesverkehrsministerium (German Federal Ministry of Transport): Gültigkeit ausländischer Fahrerlaubnisse (Führerscheine) in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (validity of foreign driving licences in the Federal Republic of Germany).
 International Student Identity Card (ISIC) (if existent)
 Youth Hostel membership card (if existent)
 Several passport-sized photographs

 Certificates of secondary school (university admission qualification) and – if existent – of the university with certified translation. You can get official certifications, e.g., at the German diplomatic missions abroad in your home country.
 Proof of language abilities (refer to page Admission and Language Abilities)
 Admission notice or application confirmation of the German university 
 Proof of financing (refer to page Proof of Financing)
 Confirmation of legal or private health insurance (refer to page Health Insurance)

Money and Bank Cards
 Cash (Euro):  
Exchange sufficient foreign currency for the first few days. You will need enough money to pay for public transport, food, maybe temporary accommodation in a hotel or a youth hostel and first purchases for your room or apartment.
 Credit card (if existent, don’t forget the relevant telephone number to block the card in case of theft etc.)

 Essential medication
 Address book



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