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Means of Transportation

General information on traffic in Germany is available on the page Transportation of the "study-in.de" website of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD).

Below you will find some information especially for Hanover:

On Foot & By Bike

Hanover is a very pedestrian- and bike-friendly town. The foot and bike paths as well as the multitude of green spaces are inviting to move on foot or by bike. Cheap second hand bikes can be found in the small ads section of the newspapers. In the Internet, you can find small ads here: Heißer Draht (look for "Fahrrad"). Moreover, the Fundbüro (lost property office) of the City of Hanover holds an auction for used bikes from time to time.

Bus & Train

In Hanover, longer distances can be comfortably covered by bus, tram/metro or "S-Bahn". The "Stadtbahn" with its green or silver wagons is a mixture of tram and metro, as almost all lines are running underground in the city centre. That is why the stations are labelled with a white "U" on a blue field there. Further information about the well developed and expansive route system and the timetables are available on the German website of the Greater Hanover Transport Association Großraum-Verkehr Hannover (GVH).

Special suburban trains of the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) in the region of Hanover are called "S-Bahn". They usually commute every half hour.

Students of Hanover’s universities can use these public means of transportation without limits or restrictions, as they automatically acquire a SemesterCard with their semester fee. The SemesterCard is valid on all week days and also during the semester break. It is not confined to Greater Hanover but can be used in all local traffic trains of the DB Regio AG in Lower Saxony, as well.

Long-Distance Traffic

For longer travels, you have at your disposal the long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn, long-distance coaches and air traffic. When booking in time, it is possible to get cheap train tickets and flights. Short notice air passengers like to make use of the cheap last-minute offers. Students who own an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can often get reduced air fares.

If you are planning to travel by bus or by plane it is advisable to contact a Reisebüro (= travel agency; look in the German yellow pages Gelbe Seiten) or to use the Hannover Online Reisemarkt.

Moreover you can try to find a private lift by car.



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