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Improving your Language Skills

In order to start your studies at one of Hanover’s universities, you had to prove your sufficient knowledge of German (refer to "Before the Studies", Admission and Language Abilities). Thus you will already have taken German courses in your home country or in Germany. As it is much easier to unlearn than to learn a language, you should look for opportunities to strengthen and enhance your language ability.

Below you will find some information about language courses in Hanover.

Of course, you could become active and found a conversation class of your own with other international and German students—there should by all means be at least one native German speaker present, however. In this way, not only do you maintain your German, but you get to know new people as well. 

Conversation Class of the Studentenwerk Hanover

As part of the Tutoring Programme for International Students living in Studentenwerk accommodation, we offer a free conversation class for learning German. It takes place on Wednesdays, 18:00–20:00 h at the Student House Dorotheenstraße 5 B. This class enables international students who are still linguistically insecure to practice the German language. The participants will be given many possibilities to speak. The intimate atmosphere makes it easy to get in touch, so that students often talk and meet after the class, too. Contact: tutor-sprachangebot(at)studentenwerk-hannover.de

Fachsprachenzentrum of the Leibniz University of Hanover

The Fachsprachenzentrum of the Leibniz University of Hanover (short LAP/LSP Centre, for Languages for Academic/Specific Purposes) offers many courses of German as a foreign language and German as a technical language. The courses of the Fachsprachenzentrum are reserved for students of the Leibniz University of Hanover; if there should be vacancies, participation will be possible for students of the other universities, too. For further details, visit the Fachsprachenzentrum website.

Language Schools

Language Schools and other institutes for tertiary education also offer general language classes, or certificate classes for German as a foreign language, respectively. We recommend:

Volkshochschule Hannover
Bildungsverein "Soziales Lernen und Kommunikation e.V."
Initiative für Sprachen und Kommunikation (ISK)
Bildungsvereinigung Arbeit und Leben Nds. e.V.

You should make use of the advice service offered by these institutions in order to find a course adequate to your knowledge of German!



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