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Medicine & Health

Further details on medical care and the health system in Germany are available on the DAAD "study-in.de" website, on pages Doctors and Pharmacies and Health Insurance. We also highly recommend the Illustrated Health Dictionary (German-English) of the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW). These resources will give you all relevant information on the Gernan health insurance system and on doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and so on.

In the following there are some important links especially for Hanover:

Medical Doctors

In the German yellow pages Gelbe Seiten, you will find an "Übersicht von ÄrztInnen" (= list of doctors) in the city and region of Hanover, indexed by their areas of expertise.

If you should fall ill, you should contact a general practitioner (which you will find in the list mentioned above under "Ärzte: Allgemeinmedizin"). You will be treated there or transferred to a medical specialist.

Please note that the consultation hours of surgeries are much shorter than the opening hours of shops. Outside consultation times please contact the Ärztliche Notdienste (= emergency services).


At hannover.de you will find a list of Hanover's hospitals (in German). Further details are available on the Klinikum Region Hannover website.


There are so many pharmacies in Hanover that it should not be a problem to find one. Outside the regular opening hours there is a Apothekennotdienst (= pharmacy emergency service).

Important (Emergency) Numbers

Ambulance 112 resp. 19 222
Police 110
Fire Brigade 112
Emergency Consultation at the Ärztehaus (05 11) 380 380
Dental Emergency Service (05 11) 31 10 31
Pharmacy Emergency Phone 08 00-00 22 8 33 (free of charge)

One More Tip

If you should be ill for a longer period of time, please obtain a medical certificate ("ärztliches Attest")! It may be necessary for you to prove periods of illness if you exceeded your length of study. If you are missing an exam due to illness, you must be able to supply a medical certificate as well.



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