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On the Financing page in the "Before the Studies" section, you have already been given crucial information about financing your studies (need of money, means of financing). In this section we would like to provide you with further tips and links about financing. We emphasize on you finding a job and warn you against wide-spread "debt traps".


Naturally, you can still apply for a scholarship after you have started studying. There are many scholarships which are even reserved for students in their main course of study. Please go to the  Scholarships page in the "Before the Studies" section for further details. 


For information on special loans, go to "Before the Studies" section, page KfW-Studienkredit (page is in English).


Please refer to page Working in the "Before the Studies" section to check whether and how much you are allowed to work besides your studies, as there are some legal restrictions for international students.

The best addresses for short- and long-term side jobs are the online job market ("Jobbörse") of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit and the "Jobvermittlung" of the Agentur für Arbeit Hanover (both in German).

Looking up the small ads in the daily press is worthwhile, too. On the Internet you can find a range of further online job markets (www.jobworld.de). We advise you to apply for the traditional student jobs like waitressing at pubs or help at one of Hanover’s fairs. You can offer private lessons via notice on the blackboards of your university. Many companies need students as a temporary help during the semester break. Take the initiative and apply at suitable firms in time.

Furthermore, there are temporary employment agencies ("Zeitarbeitsfirmen"). These agencies "lend" employers to other firms and thereby make a profit. For a side job it can make sense to apply at a temporary employment agency. A personnel leasing agency works according to the same principle. You will find temporary employment agencies in the yellow pages: Gelbe Seiten.

At some universities, many jobs as student assistants are on offer. Such job postings can best be found on the blackboards of the faculties or by asking the student unions or your student council.

For questions concerning labor law, student assistants can contact the personnel council, the social affairs consultant of the student union or the trade unions' Hochschulinformationsbüro (HIB = university information office).

Look Out—Debt Trap!

Students in Germany easily run the risk of becoming indebted. On the one hand because they do as a rule not have much money at their disposal, on the other hand because they are not familiar with some sales practices and offers. For this reason we naturally also advise our international students to read the Debt Traps page thoroughly, to be found in our website's "Social Advice" section.

Long-Term Loans within the Graduating Phase

The Studentenwerk grants long-term loans within the graduating phase to especially needy students who are on the brink of finishing their studies. These loans are interest-free and designed to make it easier for students to do their exams. Both the granted amount and the assessment of needfulness are based on the BAföG conditions.

In principal, international students are entitled to these loans as well.

For further information on these loans and procurement regulations please contact the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk Hannover.



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