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Shopping & Co.

In the big stores (in the city centre of Hanover) you can find almost everything you can think of for sale. Furthermore, there are "Fachgeschäfte" (specialist shops) where quality and price of the goods offered are mostly higher.

Please note: Stores often overprice food! It is advisable to buy your food in a supermarket in your part of town. Some supermarkets, the "discounters", offer their goods very low-priced as there is little staff and a more modest outfit.

Fresh fruit and vegetables of a good quality can be found at Wochenmärkte (weekly markets) in the different parts of town. Vegetable stores (most owned/managed by Turkish people) are quite cheap, and you can get lots of other oriental goods there. In addition to that there are other shops selling international specialities, e.g. Asian specialty shops.

Second-hand stores and "Flohmärkte" (= flea markets) offer used goods. This is a very good opportunity to buy household and kitchen tools that you don’t want to take home with you after finishing your studies. A very good address for cheap used goods is the Sozialkaufhaus fairKauf. The "Flohmarkt Hannover" takes place every Saturday from 7:00 to 16:00 h, at: "Am Hohen Ufer". It is possible to obtain cheap used goods there, but also antiquities that are really, really expensive. Second-hand items of all kinds are also offered in the private classifieds ads section (Kleinanzeigen) of the local newspaper. You will find classifieds ads on the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) website and the classifieds advertising journal Heißer Draht website.

Shopping in Regard to Food Rules

If you depend on a special diet according to religious, ethical or other reasons, you will have to look out for more or other sources of supply. These days, you can get vegetarian food almost everywhere. The cafeterias and student cafés of the Studentenwerk, but also pubs and restaurants offer tasty meatless dishes. Muslims can find groceries in Hanover that offer and process only beef and lamb.

How to Pay

In Germany, smaller purchases are usually payed cash (with Euro and Cent). Nowadays it is also possible to pay almost everywhere with your bank card ("EC-Karte" = electronic cash) of your giro bank account. With this card you can also take out money at the cash point (ATM). Credit cards are not very popular, e.g in food stores. They are mostly used for larger amounts of money.

Keep in mind to put aside the receipts for major purchases! Otherwise you will not be able to exchange something or benefit from warranty payments or performance.

Opening Hours

Opening times can vary quite a lot from place to place. Usual opening hours on weekdays are between 8:00 and 20:00 or even 22:00. On Saturdays some shops close earlier, and on Sundays virtually all shops stay closed. Some bakeries are open for a few hours, though.

The shops at the main train station are an exception: They are open noticeably longer and also on Sundays.

Additionally, for smaller shopping you can go to the kiosks and gas/petrol stations. They are open at night and on Sundays, some of the gas/petrol stations even 24 hours a day. But note: you have to pay much higher prices than in other shops!

For more information on this, go the the DAAD "study-in.de" website, page Shopping and Saving Money.

Mobile, Internet, Post

Essential details about mobile phones and Internet providers are available on the DAAD "study-in.de" website, on pages Telephone and Internet and Postal Service.

The "Packstationen" (packing stations) are rather new facilities of the Postal service. There you can fetch and send parcels day and night. Such stations are situated, e.g., at the Hauptmensa (Schneiderberg) and at the Bischofsholer Damm student house. Please refer to "DHL", page Packstation.



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