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Social Advice and Welfare for Foreign Students at KED

The Advice Service for International Students at KED (kirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst der evangelischen Kirchen in Niedersachsen = church development service of Lower Saxony's Protestant church) offers advice and help for international students in getting their studies and lives organized. For further details, please visit the KED website.

One project the KED is involved in is called "STUBE". This is the abbreviation for STUdienBEgleitprogramm (programme accompanying the studies). STUBE events are mainly designed for students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are studying at universities and colleges in Lower Saxony and do not have a scholarship. STUBE Niedersachsen is a shared project of the esg, the KED, and the Diakonisches Werk der evangelischen Kirchen in Niedersachsen (social welfare services of Lower Saxony's Protestant church).

For more information, please go to the STUBE website (German).



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