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Legal Advice of the Studentenwerk Hannover for Foreign Students

To those international students who have to pay a student services contribution fee to the Studentenwerk Hannover (student services organisation)*, we offer free legal advice in regard to their status as foreign nationals. In particular, this concerns law regulations for foreigners and questions about special employment/labor law regulations for international students.

The legal advice is performed by individual lawyers. The Studentenwerk issues an entitlement notice listing those lawyers who give the legal advice. Advice fees for other lawyers are not being paid.

  • The legal advice is limited to pre-trial verbal information. Representation at court, drafting of legal documents or payment of legal costs are not possible.
  • Legal advice concerning topics that are not related to the status as foreigner is not performed.
  • Foreign students can receive one legal advice in connection with their status as foreigners per semester.
  • The Studentenwerk pays the costs for one legal advice session not longer than 60 minutes.

If you need legal advice concerning the status as foreign national, you can fetch the entitlement notice at the Social Advice Centre of the Studentenwerk Hannover. Please bring your valid student card and your passport.

* The Studentenwerk (student services) contribution fee (a share of the semester fee) has to be paid by students of the following universities: Leibniz University Hanover; Hochschule Hannover—University of Applied Sciences and Arts; Hannover Medical School; University for Veterinary Medicine Hanover, Foundation; Hanover University for Music, Drama and Media; private FHDW Business University of Applied Sciences Hanover.



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