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Tutoring Programme of the Studentenwerk Hannover

The "Tutoring Programme for International Students" supplies student tutors in every student house of the Studentenwerk (student services organisation) who support foreign students.

The tutors have regular consulting times and offer wide-ranging help and support. Whether you have problems with the alien law, with your job or your studies—our tutors are there for you! They will help you when you've got problems finding new contacts. They suggest and provide addresses of other counselling services. And if you are afraid of bureaucracy and authorities, the tutors can support you and give you advice or even accompany you to the authorities in question.

For students with language problems there is a weekly Konversationskurs (conversation class).

Last but not least, the tutors initiate a variety of activities for German and international students (parties, attending concerts or going to the cinema, cooking together etc.).

With intent, the group of tutors consists of people from different countries, in order to have tutors with a wide range of languages. Thus they can also help students from other student houses if required.

You can find the consulting times and special offers of each tutor here: Refer to the page of the specific student house in the "Rooms & Residence" section, under Our Accommodation Offers.



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